Finally: YouTube Will Continue Loading The Videos If The Breaks, Even in Background

The old place will remember the good times when YouTube was still loading videos full Once you pausaras them. When your Internet connection was a disaster, it was normal to charge a video background to view it later without interruptions.

Later the horde of Google engineers decided that an algorithm could be more useful, loading only what is necessary, When necessary, the necessary quality. The idea is not bad, and no doubt has been them large bandwidth savings, but is far from being perfect. Sometimes the connection is so unstable that neither the best algorithm can predict how much buffer must be loaded.

Well, YouTube seems to be returning to its origins because as said Sundai click on India a couple of months ago, several improvements related to load videos are coming now to the YouTube application: the load to pause a video and the load in the background.

To pause, it continues to charge

YouTube is constantly playing with different a-b tests with different iterations of the functions of your applications, so it is difficult to know what will be the final behavior and mainstream of the load after the pause of videos.

Already reported in December of last year that YouTube was trying to show the size of uploaded video and total to pause it. The behavior is very logical: pauses a video and a text in the middle of the screen tells you how many megabytes of total video has loaded, while the video is It continues to charge completely.

Add another small detail to this behavior. If you leave the YouTube application and change to another application the video also It continues to charge in the background, advising you through one notification the State of discharge and when the video has been loaded completely.

The only thing you have to remember is not to close the application (giving it back a couple of times), but to change application directly. From own notification can access options or stop loading, If you change your idea.

The load in the background is complemented by another closely related function that also has recently been introduced: the Download videos for offline viewing. The difference is that in downloading videos you must actively click the download button, while this load in the background takes place with all the videos while you do nothing.

Download videos to view them offline: similar, but not equal

For everyone?

These enhancements to the YouTube application were presented as tools in countries like India where the Internet connectivity is frequently very unstable, so it is possible that no end of extending all over the world. However, if your Internet connection is fast.

Google has an own section where it collects the quality of Internet connection of the different suppliers of connection. In the Google Video Quality Report you can see how Google regards your provider. If the result is bad, you have more chances that you have enabled previous functions. Note: not available in all countries.

In any case, while the function continues to spread to more users, Slash Gear found a simple method for instantly find out if you already have these functions in your YouTube application. Simply go to the settings – applications, search YouTube and eliminates your data.

If the next time you open YouTube, you play a video, pauses it and change application, it continues loading background)notice it by notification), it is that you have enabled. If not, you get to wait and cross your fingers that eventually unfold at a global level.

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