Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Apply eyeliner you seem an impossible task? We have collected the most common mistakes and tips from make-up artist celeb like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian to make a perfect line. Now the eye make-up will have no secrets for you
When it is at its best eyeliner perfectly it defines your eyes by calling attention to one of the most fascinating parts of your face. If you apply it wrong, you could find yourself with a make-up that is all, but not nice. It should never be so. Patrick Ta, make-up artist celeb like Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, explains to you why your line is likely to look like a disaster and gives you some valuable suggestions to be impeccable. You are ready?

1. Choose an eyebrow pencil with well-defined aims and not rounded


How to correct: Patrick Ta may want to keep a pencil sharpener always at hand or purse so you can make sure to define the pencil tip when needed. For eye definition much precision is required. If the tip is rounded not leave a smooth surface and you’ll find it hard to apply make-up.

2. The pencil line is confused with that of the eyelid

How to correct: It is advisable to raise the curvature of the eye line so that it is still visible when you open it. You will avoid that the skin fold and hide the hatching of the pencil or the makeup from smearing on other areas of the skin.

3. Please circle the eye with a compact colorful makeup line can “tighten up” the look

How to correct: It highlights the top or bottom line with a colored dashed thin and avoids to circle the eye completely keeping the line of the same thickness at all points.

4. The line is thicker on one eye only

How to correct: Health-beauty-guides recommends starting by superimposing thin hatches. If at the end on one side will have a thicker line, you can work on the other eye to achieve the same result. If both are too thick, redefine the line with a cotton bud soaked in eye makeup remover.

5. You have redefined the bottom line of the eye with a liquid eyeliner

You were brave!

How to correct: To prevent “coli” eyeliner and smudges below the eye, Patrick Ta should use a waterproof pencil to the bottom line. You will not see the trick advancing fast towards your cheeks.

6. Fold the eyelashes after applying the pencil and, therefore, the drool

How to correct: Bend your lashes after you apply make-up. Do not interrupt you in half, unless you want to create a real disaster.

7. The “cola” make-up on your face after a couple of hours

How to correct: For the bottom line uses a waterproof pencil and then goes over the line with a black pencil. Finally, apply a pearly eye shadow under the eye to create a barrier.

8. Remains of the space between the lash line and your line

How to correct: Hatch the line as close to the lash line and then pulls the skin slightly above the eyelid to understand the actual gap and touch up with small and precise pencil tapping the space that remains without make-up.

9. The line is uneven

How to fix: Avoid being late for an appointment, and uses the angle of your lash line as a guide for the row. To simplify the operation put a bullet out of the eye before applying liquid eyeliner. So, you guarantee you a line of direction.

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