Apple-Ceo Gets with riven by Former Sales Manager

Former Apple Sales Manager comes with criticism of the ceo, which is described as being better to talk than to lead a company.

Many know that Apple’s former top executive, the late Steve Jobs, was not easy to work for, and will be in Walter Isaacson’s biography described as a bit of a sociopath, with a dyssocial personality.

But Apple’s current Chief Executive, Tim Cook, should not be better, according to a former sales manager at Apple. It writes our site.
The former sales manager at Apple, David Sobotta, describes Tim Cook as a person who does not have any kind of loyalty in relation to the closest associates and is a better number cruncher than a leader.

-“He prefers messing with spreadsheets and numbers. He is not a natural leader. He is a Manager, “says Sobotta, who was employed by Apple from 1984 to 2004.

David Sobotta also believes that the dismissal of Scott Forstall and John Brownell shows that Tim Cook would rather fire the people rather than find out what the problem is.
-“From what I saw, so is Tim the type who would rather fire the people instead of trying to figure out what the problem is. I never felt he was interested in the details unless it was about the numbers, “says Sobotta.

Sobotta criticises also Tim Cook for not having a sincere passion for technology — at least not compared to Steve Jobs.

To Tim Cook’s defence it must be said that it is 8 years since Sobotta worked at Apple and much can be done on the year. Sobotta has also a blog about Apple, and written a book about his 20 years at Apple, why can this attack against Tim Cook also have to be to get mention of the book.

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