Test The Lifeproof Waterproof Case For Iphone 5

In the long series of waterproof and very protective for iPhone cases, we already had the opportunity to test and enjoy the Lifeproof products. 

These shells are aimed at people who work outdoors, sportsmen who want to take their machine on the slopes of ski or beach to immortalize their exploits or those looking for a foolproof protection particularly against bad weather.

You can find the test of the hull iPhone 5 “REF” here on themotorcyclers.com.

Free protection uses a film at the level of the screen to ensure water resistance. But Lifeproof wished to go further and proposes a version, the “Nüüd’, which removes any barrier between the finger and the screen to leave the screen nude!

Yes, it scares, how can water-resistance be guaranteed? That’s what we’ll see in this test in an amazing hull pictures. This is the grey/transparent version you’ll discover, knowing it exists also in black.

First contact and set up

If there is one area in which Lifeproof excels, it is first of all packaging, always outgoing and with a component that can be opened to show the hull.

Inside, we find the hull, in place on a blue plastic box, which we’ll talk, but also a small visible extension for the headphones. A screen protection is also provided as well as a notice and a cloth.

The hulls are advertised as all tested prior to sale, which may seem important, because here is the protection of a machine electronic costly in the face of an enemy, the water!

The shell must be able to be submerged up to 2 m (standard IP 68).

However, it is recommended to do a test yourself before you reject water, literally as well as figuratively.

For this, use the supplied blue case, he plays the role of the iPhone and especially of its screen, which is one of the master pieces in the seal, in the absence of plastic film on the front. This is indeed when the hull is plated on the screen, only a silicone frame is pressed onto the edge of the screen to avoid any water infiltration.

The shell may display a very nice quality, for all plastic parts (there are many very different in terms of function), it’s hard to believe that it could work… And yet.

Once the test is done with the case, checking that actually, the water did not penetrate.

So we can move on to the implementation of the iPhone itself: it sneaks in the back, then the top comes to clipper. Closing is finalized by folding a section on taking lightning and ensuring that the headphone plug is tight.

Once this operation is carried out, it is time to stop on the various functions and how they are isolated from the water:

the side buttons are classically protected by a material rigid rubber, that allows to manipulate the volume or turn the unit without problem. Even the lock to activate the silent mode can be used without worry.

on the back, lenses are planned at the level of the camera and the flash. They absolutely don’t distort photos during the shooting, whether in the water or on a daily basis

On the bottom of the unit, has been said, the headphone jack is protected by a screw cap with a joint. We note that this cap is picked by a flexible plastic piece, it’s perfect for fear of losing it. Other features: the speakers are protected by a specific membrane scheduled to pass sound waves, but not water. Finally, the Lightning port is well sheltered behind the clipped part, him also integrates a seal for sealing.

On the front side, we find the locations for sensors: proximity, camera as well as the speaker. His side, a ‘Home’ button plastic is expected, it is separated from the machine by a near-invisible silicone membrane.

As for the screen, has been said already: he is naked, but looking closely, you can see the outline rectangular silicone pressed on it, which will ensure the tightness. Nice idea and great achievement

The shell in action

Could test all in place for more than two weeks, here is what is remembered.

It is a shell that is supposed to be used for the outside but do not need to be removed for the life of every day. It turns out that the use of the basic functions: sound setting, start-up, extinction, but also listening and use of the speaker no problems.

As for the screen, this is the day and night compared with its big sister the Lifeproof Free shell. Indeed, no feeling of plastic and “plop” on the supports, use is natural, nothing changes and is particularly significant.

Moreover, thanks to the size of the iPhone and its finesse, overall, although very protective remains quite enjoyable both in hand that put in the Pocket. It is of course much more imposing than a naked iPhone but without being to much too large.

For connection of headphones, it must necessarily pass through the provided extension, there still good quality, because the plug is too deep and girt to allow the connection of a classic headphone.

Here for the daily use, now for the part resistance and sealing.

The hull takes its true value only if one needs to shock and weather resistance, and even immersion. For the shocks, no problem she meets expectations: the impact during a fall is absorbed by the round soft silicone and the back is very well protected as many shocks as scratches and water of course. Finally there is the screen that is subject to risks: breakage if the machine is accidentally falling but is playing bad luck because the plastic round prevents to flush.

For protection against scratches, a plastic film for the screen is delivered, it has the dimensions of the only visible part of the screen, in contrast to movies that usually protect the entire front. The reason in is most likely related to waterproofing: plastic film so does not interfere with the joints silicones pressed on the glass.

In regards to the immersion, we were able to do the test, of course, with the iPhone…(creepy!) but don’t worry facing the 5s used iPhone is still alive and very much alive.

We can even read iPhon.fr under water … But the touchscreen does not work (it is the case for all the protections)

The pressed joint on the screen all around keeps water from penetrating:

Through the lenses for the camera, the shots taken with the hull are also successful than without, no problem to deplore this side here. It is therefore possible to make pictures and videos underwater (without exceeding the planned depth of 2 m).

This is for those aspects that have won us over.

On the other hand, during phone calls, not routinely, but sometimes the interlocutor did not as well without hull, the microphone seemed to be slightly muffled.

But the genuine concern and the manufacturer has nothing to… It’s iOS 7 !

And Yes, iOS 7 to led control center and this is achieved by dragging your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards. Except that with the thick border that surrounds the screen, it becomes almost impossible to activate this control center. Ditto for the notification Center. That’s a real concern, which is unique to this model and that should in my opinion deserve a recovery of the hull to leave a bit more space around the screen.It’s unfortunate, but it’s namely, knowing that beyond the could not be more practical aspect of control center, some functions such as locking the rotation of the screen for example, can be achieved only through.

Finally, by removing the iPhone 5s hull, there is a mark at the level of the home button, related to the support of the silicone probably. On an iPhone 5 s, the light brand is not a party. Nothing serious or very light, but it’s facing. In any case, it is obvious that this shell is not intended for the iPhone 5 s, it should be reserved for the iPhone 5, unless you agree to dispense with the fingerprint sensor… A specific model is planned for the 5s,we talked about in this article


Share its high price, the Lifeproof hull nüüd version is aimed at people person with real needs of protection on a daily basis : exposed outdoors or sports professionals who do not spend their time to remove their hardened protection when they return home. Found on this model the manufacturing quality and ingenuity of design already appreciated on the REF model with a plus: direct access to the screen brings a huge comfort for everyday use. But unfortunately, this is at the expense of the use of the notification center.Still, for what is the protection, it is the appointment, and it’s always the best waterproof and resistant hull that one has tested!

Free or Nuu: what to choose?

The question that may arise to any buyer is what hull model focus on. In the State, because the only access to the notification center problem, it is themodel e Free that we win the game, but it’s to hand heart because comfort of touch of screen remains well above on nüüd model. A slightly redesigned version of the nüüd will be (it) the best compromise.

The Lifeproof Nüüd hull is available here at the rate of $ 121.5(Attention at prices much lower than you might cross, of counterfeiting on the Lifeproof hulls there and needless to say that in the case of immersion, the slightest failure can be fatal to the iPhone…)

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