Style of the 70’s: Plus Size Tunic and Impact Pants

I remember a shock trousers very well, when I begged my MOM to buy. And what have I geleibt them – a light blue from Arizona… Now it was felt 15 years ago and I wear them I again: the strike pants.

They are namely to the style of the 70’s and are currently the must have! Whether it is portable in oversize?

Style of the 70s: tunics

The style of the 70’s years are definitely long blouses, blouses with fringes, blouses with bat sleeves and laced blouses. I think that some of you already have subsided to perhaps even this 70ies inspired blouses, because the patterns and colours make really you want on a Golden Autumn πŸ™‚

Opinions differ but the next part:

Style of the 70’s: Bell Bottoms

When my dad told me about the style of his youth, I see Bell Bottoms in front of me. Bib shorts with oversized wide impact πŸ˜€

Not bad at all, I find a little shock! But I think that I can imagine another blow, when I’m wearing it here, to me. I had the feeling that I am made visually smaller as I am actually. And I don’t want that! For girls with long legs, I think but well suited.

Style of the 70s: plateau

Achjaaaa… There were returning just peep toe pumps from the trend, and already they’re great again -! And a 70s style years they belong to something from this!

But it must not necessarily be pumps. They can be also chunky boots, can be found at present everywhere. Or but simple platform shoes. Both species are quite comfortable, because the paragraph is very wide πŸ™‚

You getting by the style of the 70’s years away or are you against it? Leave your opinion like in the comments!

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