20 Animals Decorated Nail Designs Ideas

Of decorated animal nail designs are a trend in the world of manicure. All we want to decorate our nails with motifs that reflect our tastes and passions, and it is no secret that women love animals. No matter what your favorite animal, there are multiple designs to choose and make your nails a celebration of the fauna of our beautiful planet. Thinking about this, we wanted today to bring you these 20 animals decorated nail designs ideas.
Here ask4beauty provides 20 animals decorated nail designs ideas as below:


These beautiful friends will give a beautiful touch to your hands.

2 nails with animals: kittens

Cats conquered the world, and why can not do the same with your hands. Dare to wear beautiful felines in your nails.

3 feathers and birds

Feathers and birds are a symbol of freedom. It reflects your free spirit with this beautiful design.

4 owls

These are my favorite personally. It is that the owls bring the beauty of wisdom.
5 Toucan

If you like magic and colorful tropical, this beautiful Toucan will be the best partner when it comes to decorating your nails.

6 different animals

Alternatively, you can combine different animals, as is the case with this design that includes rabbits and chicks.

7 birds and hearts

If what you want is to fill love everything you touch, these love birds are the solution.

8 nails decorated with beetles

The beetles are a symbol of transformation, can be a perfect choice when you’re making changes in your life.

9 huellitas of dog

All love dogs, and can honrrarlos with these huellitas that add a fun touch to your hands.

10 flowers and butterflies

Flowers and butterflies are inseparable companions. And is that it is no secret that together are beautiful.

11 puppies

Along with the faithful dogs, if you want to go further you can choose a design in which you include different races.

12 fish

It takes the ocean in your hands with these fun fish.

  1. Red beetlesThis is another alternative for beetles in your hands with the best style.

14 nails decorated with penguins

And as forget these cold friends made of tenderness.

15 nail with bears

Bears are large shields, and as not feel safe if we take them into our hands.

16 nail with chicks

Chicks are animals who inspire tenderness. Because it brings your more tender side with this beautiful design.

17 nails decorated animals: bees

Bees depend on flowers and vice versa. That does not surprise us that this design includes the best of the two.

  1. animal Print: giraffesAnimal print will always be an excellent alternative to carry animals decorated fingernails.This giraffe design I love it!

19 peacock feathers

And the feathers are the most characteristic trait of birds. Why is this design looks so fantastic.

20 nail of cow

And like forget the vaquita which all we love. With this design, we are confident that no one will ever remember.

We hope to put into practice these clever designs that will help you take in your hands the best of our animals. You may also want: 20 ideas to decorate your nails with points

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