So Good Sounds Video Footage on the Nokia Lumia 920

Clips from concerts, recorded with a smartphone, is most often a miserable experience, especially on the audio portion. But with Nokia Lumia 920 it is different. View and listen to this clip.

Nokia Lumia 920 is a surprisingly good acquaintance, when it comes to video recording in noisy surroundings.

At the MTV EMA pre-party in Hatchet Hall, Copenhagen on Monday, was the below video clip recorded with Lumia 920. The sound at the concert was not just high, but really high. Anyway we managed Lumia 920, that so many details with, except it distorts or overrules absolutely wild. A clip like this is really something I want to share with friends.

You hear Clemens Feat. Natasia with “took it like a man”. The last “half” trick is Electric Lady Lab feat. Kato.

Therefore, it sounds good

The reason for the good sound is to be found in the three so-called HD-microphones, the product is equipped with. These can record noise levels in excess of 140 DB.

A jet aircraft noise around 120 DB at approximately 90 meters distance, heavy traffic is located on more than 20 DB, while concerts often find themselves around 110 DB.

Lumia 920 is able to handle the extreme sound pressure, and translate it into a usable result.

This smartphone also supports Dolby Digital, if you have a pair of headphones that supports this. Dolby Digital is Nokia’s counterpart to Beat Audio being advertised in HTC’s phones.


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