Change Notifications of Samsung with Good Lock

This week the App that we took of ‘ mira ‘ and one dedicated only to Samsung devices, can be found on the store of Galaxy App but you can also directly download the APK file if there appears in searches. Good lock gives us a slightly different experience than the usual TouchWiz, change completely the notification Center, both on the top is in the unlock screen.

Custom LockScreen

We start therefore from the latter: from the settings application we can create different profiles, called “Routine”, we can add variety so you can take advantage of various customizations throughout the day. We can then choose colors, animations, and widgets to add to your lockscreen although, truth be told, they don’t have much sense: we cannot interact with these widgets as we usually do on the classic home creen. However, to access these widgets just a swype downwards into the unlock screen.

Below are very convenient shortcuts fully customizable, the grill can be adapted, but to enable almost all applications still need the fingerprint recognition, PIN or any other unlock method has been previously chosen.

Notifications can be grouped

The most interesting thing is the Notification Manager, much more smart and functional. As soon as we get one, we decide to carry out a swype on the right and send the notification between the “Keep”— those to keep and not delete immediately. The swype left the delete and keeping pressed the notification pops up instead a small menu that allows you to catalog them and group them into folders or categories. So it is an alternative way and quickest way to bring order, if you receive many notifications on your smartphone

The quick toggle losing completely the character of TouchWiz, presenting style and animations of stock Android. Toggle navigable so sideways, but with a more decisive swype down open vertically like on any Nexus, but without the animation in ‘ deployment ‘.

Simplified multitasking

The change that creates Good Lock also affects this aspect, which is completely different than the Touchwiz: instead of sliding Windows classic we have a more streamlined menu, using the button at the bottom to close everything and icons for each individual application.The key to managing apps in multi windows.

Nexus-style energy saving

Finally the power saver mode that also in this case shooting almost entirely by Google, which in its Nexus adds obvious red/orange bands at either end of the interface, and thus make clear the limited performance. With Good lock is just a single band but the Visual mechanism is the same, pity that the notification may never be able to turn it off directly, to do that I have to go into settings and do it from the classic slider.

This is it, Good lock can be installed on all Samsung devices that are at least Android Marshmallow, a nice customization that mixes a little cards and also works well. For each installation or uninstallation will require a restart, keep it in mind.

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