Short Dresses For Summer Styles

In the season of the summer short dresses have to have fresh and comfortable styles that can be used in the city or at the beach, and that combined with accessories and shoes perfect for warm climates like sandals. Then i present some short dresses styles so that you can choose which you prefer for the summer season approaching now. Continue reading Short Dresses For Summer Styles

Safety Rules in the Conduct and Travel for Pregnant Women

Can I Drive Throughout Pregnancy? How Do I Put The Seat Belt? What Should I Watch For If You Want To Travel? Clarify All Doubts

According to CirculaSeguro.ptdata, between 2% and 3% of pregnant women are involved in an accident during pregnancy. Despite not driving be prohibited to pregnant women, there are some cautions to which you must pay attention when you get in the car.

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Google Photos Recover Function Rotate Videos

Any application of photo editing that includes the possibility to rotate the images, but at the time of rotating videos There are not many applications that dare. Google pictures was one of them, but the function later mysteriously disappeared. It has now become.

The general consensus is that the vertical videos they are little more than the Antichrist, but the rotation function goes beyond. Sometimes, by the angle in which you are taking the mobile video is recorded with an incorrect rotation and you end up fighting you with the auto-rotation of the screen trying to view it properly. Continue reading Google Photos Recover Function Rotate Videos

Tips for Plus Size Dressing

They are small and powerful…

…dann are dresses in A line very good you. They conceal and are wonderfully comfortable. Also wide tunics to a narrow pants or leggings are ideal companions. Styling tricks: Better without stripes, short tops or kast-jackets-which apply quickly and squeezes the silhouette.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Beats the Previous Record

Rovio has with their latest Angry Birds version Star Wars beaten previous records and ranked first on the App Store is secured.

Rovio has just announced that their new Angry Birds Star Wars smoke directly into first place in Apple’s App Store in just two and a half hours, which in turn Rovio’s own previous record. It writes our site.

What makes the record even more impressive is that the game is not free for iOS users, as it is for Android users.

You can download Angry Birds Star Wars to your iPhone and iPad in Apple’s App Store, as well as free to your Android device in Google Play Large.

The application is also available for Windows Phone, where it can be downloaded for 7 dollars in Windows Phone Large.

How To Use a Pastry Bag

Inspired by conversations about Food52 Hotline, we hints and tips for navigating our easier and more fun to share kitchens.

Today: Do not just sing “Happy Birthday” or “I love you.” To write.

You found the perfect icing, and mastered the art of baking a layer cake. You can bake cookies that are proud of Robicelli, and exert an offset spatula like a ninja brandishing a sword.

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Hangouts on Air Is Molting of Google + a YouTube Live

Google continues by switching off the life support of the little monster of Frankenstein that with so much momentum in the past to promote: Google +. In recent times we have seen Google + profile was no longer necessary to express opinions on YouTube, Google Games, at the time of review on Google Play profiles and now up to Hangouts on Air.

Hangouts On Air It was released in society in 2012. Today’s live-streaming is normal thanks to the success of Periscope, Facebook Live and company, but once Hangouts on Air was rather advanced for its time. It was – and is – a service of livestreaming based on Hangouts, and Google +, with some interesting extra features. Continue reading Hangouts on Air Is Molting of Google + a YouTube Live

Pelvic Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

Pelvic Physiotherapy + To + GrÁVidajÁ Heard Of Pelvic Physiotherapy For Pregnant Women. Every Month That Passes The Belly Increases, That’s Certainly Cause For Great Happiness In A Pregnancy. As We Already Know, The Transformations In Pregnancy Are Many, Mainly The Hormonal, In Order To Give Structure To The Development Of The Baby, And That Always Takes The Woman Routine, Either Up Or Down. So This Iswhere You Begin To Appear Sick, Pains, Cramps, Among Other Situations Common In Pregnancy. Continue reading Pelvic Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

Keep Tabs on the Police Photo Carts with New Application

A new iPhone app keeps track of police photo carts for you, so you can avoid fines in traffic. Android version on the way.

Speed happy motorists can now be kept updated on your iPhone via a new application on which the police holder with their photo. The application is called “speed trap”.

The application is created in protest against police 75 new photo wagons, which is part of a larger traffic security package to almost 300 million dollars. Continue reading Keep Tabs on the Police Photo Carts with New Application

Prism Now Has Button to Save to Your Phone

Are we facing the developer fastest of all time? Yesterday reached Prism Google Play, after a very short period of just test a couple of days. As I mentioned yesterday, the application, when it works, it’s great. It has a good handful of varied and very colorful effects to turn your photos into works of art.

However, something was missing: a simple button to save the image locally, no need to share it in Instagram, Facebook or other social networks using only three buttons included. This isn’t mine, but one of the most repeated opinions in the comments of Google Play If we exclude those servers that do not work-related. He has not had to wait much, the button is already here. Continue reading Prism Now Has Button to Save to Your Phone

Stomach Pain Can Be Pregnant

Lack Of Menstruation, Sensitive Breasts And Even Stomach Pain, Can Be Symptoms Of Pregnancy.

stomach pain can be gravidezVocês knew that one of the signs of pregnancy is sore stomach? Pregnancy is a very special moment in the life of every woman, because it announces the arrival of a new being in your womb, and raises one of the most beautiful love that exist in life, the motherly love. Continue reading Stomach Pain Can Be Pregnant

Overview: the Test of Lumia 920 Is Starting and Updating with 4 g in iPhone 5 Sent out to Developers

The flagship Windows Phone 8 platform is the country to test, which you can read more about in this week’s overview.

The new and much-discussed top model of Nokia is the country to test with our site, that means you can read a lot about the phone before it lands in the Danish stores for Sales Starting On 29 November. You can also view our video with the very first impression of Nokia Lumia 920 – find the link in the list at the bottom of the article. Continue reading Overview: the Test of Lumia 920 Is Starting and Updating with 4 g in iPhone 5 Sent out to Developers