HTC: Jelly Bean to One X and S Lets Wait for It

HTC are reporting delays on update for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on One X and S-no new date yet.

HTC announced back in October an update for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for their One X and S customers.

The time it was reported that customers can look forward to the new software sometime in the month of November, but must now HTC sorry disappoint.

On the company’s Facebook page they write now that the update will be delayed, and that a new date not yet ready.

The reason, according to HTC should be the desire to deliver a seamless update, which requires hard work and now also extra time.

It is therefore at present unclear when HTC One X and S gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as well as HTC Sense 4 +.

Works E-mark ‘in real life’? We have Tested It

Part 1: the E-label to help consumers who have been caught in a Web shop. But can they do it?Here is the story of how a simple purchase of a promotional item went completely wrong.

Sometimes you just sit and gangs and svovler over a store, and this is also one of the kind of horror stories, which we usually read about in our site. So the kind of stories, where a consumer has come unstuck, and where a large Danish retail chain will be hung out to dry.

Usually the kind of stories we are dealing intensively with nothing on our site, but this time it was unfortunately the article’s reporter, who had the unfortunate experience. It does not matter more exciting, but it makes it possible to follow the proceedings at the closest team. Continue reading Works E-mark ‘in real life’? We have Tested It

Here Are 10 Big Mistakes by Netflix

Netflix is a breath of fresh air for an industry that in Europe has been sleeping slumber for too long. The giant is awakened, but not everything is perfect. View the list of 10 major mistakes by Netflix.

Even though Netflix is fat, so it also has its flaws. Here is the URMobilsiden.dks list of ten major mistakes by Netflix, which should be corrected as soon as possible.

1. The lack of film

Although the supply of movies and series on Netflix constantly broader and deeper, so still missing many films and television series before all genres has more than 30 movies. Continue reading Here Are 10 Big Mistakes by Netflix

Nokia Finally in Tailwind with New Lumia-Series

After a resounding good sales start of the Nokia company has now finally 920 Lumia tail wind in the sails.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 creates in these days a huge success for Nokia and Microsoft, which now sells more units than were sold 920 Lumia Lumia phones throughout the third quarter. It writes our site.

According to the website so, Nokia has managed to sell more than 2.5 million Lumia 920 units worldwide, and the model is already sold out in several key markets such as the United States and Germany.

But also the smaller Nokia Lumia 820 have success, and be reported along with the big brother sold out on several markets.

The good sales news have given Nokia downwind from the shareholders, which repays the happy news in the form of a rising stock.

At our site, we have just completed our large test of Nokia Lumia 920 – the coolest right now, which got six out of six possible grade.

Let Your Phone Find Your Next Date Via New Danish App

New application to help you find your next date based on your GPS location data, as well as dating profile. See here how.

Our site is one of Denmark’s largest dating sites on the Web but will now also challenge users via mobile with a completely new application.

Application our site offers not only to create a new profile, it also allows you to edit, update, read and reply to messages as well as check for dating matches nearby. Continue reading Let Your Phone Find Your Next Date Via New Danish App

Video: How the Windows Phone 7.8

New Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone 7.8 – see the system in action here.

More Windows Phone 7 devices is excited and waiting for an update to Windows Phone 7, and with good reason.

The new software includes a number of improvements, a part which has not yet been revealed.

But a new video from China can perhaps shed some light on some of the new features in the software. Here we have just received the Nokia Lumia 510, which are born with Windows Phone 7.

In the video which you can see below are among other things the new possibilities with Live Tiles showcased, as well as what colors the system can be changed to and a lot of other news. It writes our site.

But the update is already on the way? Read more here: Windows Phone 7 airs this week?

Samsung Galaxy Note II Continues to Be a Hit

Samsung Galaxy Note II is still sold in great style and has now reached a total of five million units sold.

It is only a few weeks ago we wrote about the sale of Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III, both of which have achieved a huge sales success worldwide, and Galaxy Note II continues.

Samsung tells now that Galaxy Note II has reached as many as five million units sold, which in itself is not a large number, but in terms of product type, then it is a salgshit.
Perhaps more amazing is how quickly the five million is achieved. It is for only three weeks ago that Samsung announced three million units sold.

Flip-Phone Is Back in the Smart Edition

Do you remember Flip-phones? Now they are back in a new version with dual-screen and quad-core processor.

Flip phones a few years back has been hugely popular and has in a short period of time had a great popularity among young consumers, now relaunches Samsung concept with SCH-W2013.

SCH-W2013 is a new flip-smartphone from Samsung with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and high-end hardware. Continue reading Flip-Phone Is Back in the Smart Edition

Facebook Advertising for Android

Facebook will apparently Android it better and therefore the system advertises on the company’s offices.

Facebook has earlier this year given a less appeal to its employees to focus more on the development of their application for Android as well as optimize the.

It has therefore given rise to employees have been encouraged to switch their iPhones out with Android phones and open your eyes up for the error as the Android version of Facebook bøvler with.

But now Facebook has started an advertising campaign on their offices to get employees to open our eyes to the system, several advertising signs are for now been hung up on the company, you can view them below.

If the measure gets Facebook application to get better in the future is uncertain, but as Android user, one can only hope.

LG: There Are NOT 4 G Option in Google Nexus 4

There is no 4 g in Google Nexus 4 by LG so reads it now from the company behind the device, the explanation lies in the processor.

Google Nexus 4 by LG was unveiled for part weeks ago, but disappointment for the lack of 4 g LTE has since given resonates in virtually all reviews of the device.

But then recently a video popped up who knew that Nexus 4 still had 4 g and that one could turn it on via a simple “hack”. Unfortunately, this is just not correct according to a spokesperson from LG. Continue reading LG: There Are NOT 4 G Option in Google Nexus 4

Google Launches Augmented Reality Games

Google is on the road with an open augemented reality game, but it should delight you or benefit Google?

Augmented reality game has been popular on smartphones for a longer period of time and now Google will be with on the play.

Do you know not to augmented reality, it is often game set via GPS, camera, and other key features of smartphones, and involves the landscape and the surrounding a as part of the game’s content. Continue reading Google Launches Augmented Reality Games

Works E-mark ‘in Real Life’? The Exciting Conclusion

Part 2: the hunt for a cheap Apple TV with our site gave a long nose. Will E-mark could save Christmas?

As you may have read in the first part of this two-part følgeton, so was the article’s reporter in search of a cheap Apple TV at our site.

The purchase, however, went badly wrong due to mess up with the price at our site, and the company’s chat support could not do anything other than to be pitied. But one regret is not much help, when there is a Apple TV on his girlfriend’s tobacco wish list.
Continue reading Works E-mark ‘in Real Life’? The Exciting Conclusion

Sold Lumigon T2 Soon in Germany?

Lumigon T2 is finally ready for sale? The Danish smartphone sold supposedly from German online shop about 2-3 weeks.

The Danish designer – smartphone Lumigon T2 should have been put up for sale at the end of summer this year, but that is not gone. T2 is the successor to T1 that never came on the market.

But perhaps there is hope. A German webshop according to our site has put the phone on sale for 5,200 dollars, with delivery in 2-3 weeks.
Continue reading Sold Lumigon T2 Soon in Germany?

Nokia’s iPhone-Map Slaughtered by Using Clean

If we are to believe the reviews users have give Nokia’s iPhone-map “Here”, then it’s not good for Nokia.

It’s no secret that Apple’s own iOS-map, which was introduced in version 6, does not live up to the usual Apple-standard.

The many mistakes have been made, that Apple has promised to make other korttjenster available in the App Store.

It took the Nokia care of and inroducerede card service HERE for iOS. But the user is not necessarily excited about Nokia’s service.

If we are to believe the reviews HERE have been in the App Store on the first day, in which 400 users have given application stars, so getting the only two-and-a-half star, writes our site.

On twitter is HERE also the subject of boos, and our site searches continued for a worthy substitute for Google Maps.

Nokia Lumia 920 Hit Denmark in Two Days

Nokia’s new top model on Windows Phone, Lumia 920, is soon on its way to the Danish mobile buyers.

If you need to buy a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 this fall, then it’s Nokia Lumia 920 you should go for. How to great review of the product can be summarized. For two days, Danish mobile buyers so seriously the opportunity to get hold of Lumia 920, which is the most in-demand product from Nokia for several years. The sale starts Thursday, 29. November 2012.

Each, however, has already gotten the product in hand, apparently through commercial agreements, but according to Nokia, is the official start date so Thursday.

Nokia Lumia 920 is already set for sale in several places in the world, and according to our site have Nokia sold 2.5 million PCs worldwide. There are also about sold out in the United States and Germany, among others.

According to our site costs Lumia 920 without subscription, down to about 4,600 dollars.

If you think Lumia 920 is too large, then take a look at Windows Phone 8 x by HTC. Here, however, you must know that GPS navigation is not included free with.

Large Amounts of Money Wasted on Dead Mobile Subscriptions

Municipalities and companies can save a lot of money by cancelling mobile subscriptions which lies unused in a drawer. Known problem, says expert.

The country’s municipalities and larger businesses can save significant amounts on the budget, by cancelling mobile phone subscriptions which is put in drawers and closets.

In Svendborg municipality can save about half a million dollars per year, about to terminate 700 out of the municipality’s about 2,700 mobile subscriptions.
Continue reading Large Amounts of Money Wasted on Dead Mobile Subscriptions

First Windows Phone 8 Update Is Underway

Microsoft is already working now on the first update to Windows Phone 8, there very well may soon be ready.

Microsoft’s latest bid on an operating system for smartphones, Windows Phone 8, was recently launched amidst much media attention.

However, since the system has gotten less hug for his missing, among other things, a notification center that Microsoft has promised, will come in a future update.

And just an update is what right now will be worked on to get completed for consumers, writes our site.

According to the website’s information update may be ready as early as the beginning of the first quarter of 2013, and contain a number of optimizations and improvements, among other things, on the VPN and Wi-Fi area.

The update will be called Apollo Plus.