Our Site Has Great 3 G Problems in Jutland and on Funen

Customers with our site will start the day without access to 3 g data from smartphone and via mobile broadband.

Our site’s 3 g network teases the company and customers.

Update 16:00. 12.41: Some customers can get hole through by restarting the phone.

Update 16:00. 14.00: Our site says that network again running normally.

The company States that 3 g mobile in Jutland and on Funen is not functioning correctly, which affects data via smartphones and mobiles. The customers that use mobile broadband via dongles are also affected. Continue reading Our Site Has Great 3 G Problems in Jutland and on Funen

Free Games ‘Eater´ Data Traffic

In the various application stores are a number of free games for mobile, and they can be the fault of poor mobile coverage.

Earlier this year, telecom analyst John Strand of Strand Consult out, telling how the popular mobile game Angry Birds, could give poorer mobile coverage and put the whole network down. He gave the special free version to blame.

-“Free version of Angry Birds make as much signaling traffic that it is actually a big problem. Last year laid the signaling traffic our site mobile network down in Norway two times – the one time it was the net down for 13 hours. But also in Tokyo and Korea, have this type of traffic, put network down, “said John Strand, to the Mobilsiden.dk, back in the beginning of the year. Continue reading Free Games ‘Eater´ Data Traffic

Alberta Ferretti Dresses 2016

The Alberta Ferretti dresses for 2016 are soft, Ethereal and refined: a line that draws inspiration from the desert atmospheres not a sober yet trendy colour palette. We discover together the most beautiful garments, perfect for a ceremony.

It tastes slightly more impish and less formal than the proposals of other fashion houses for special occasions, but Alberta Ferretti still gives us a line of special occasion dresses very sophisticated and light and impalpable fabrics that surely will amaze you with warm and enveloping, prints and shades but just as cool and smart. In short, an occasion collection that holds many surprises, no disappoint the expectations of those who are looking for a formal dress for a wedding or an important occasion. Continue reading Alberta Ferretti Dresses 2016

Smartphone Merges with Car

Smartphone and the car will be in the future closely linked. The display of content on the front pane is one of tomorrow’s news.

The old fashioned standalone car radio will be in the future is not as common as it is now.

In several new car models can be upgraded with a vehicle multimedia system which plays along with the car and the smart phone, and via apps offer new opportunities, write our site. Continue reading Smartphone Merges with Car

Video Content Can Be Seen in Great Style on Tablets

Almost half of the total data usage on tablets is playing videos – it accounts for only a quarter of on smartphones.

Ericsson’s Mobility Report shows that online video is the biggest driving force in the amount of mobile data traffic.

A little less than half of the total data usage, which is on tablets, consists of video playback. Exact number of online videos is 40 percent of the data usage.

On smartphones is that figure almost halved since it is “only” 25 percent of the total data usage stemming from video playback on smartphones.

The larger screen on tablets, of course, also to make it a “extra” small television where videos get better to his right than on the smaller screen on the smart phone.

How to Choose Bikini for Body Type

Choose bikini is not always an easy task and there are bikinis for every type of body with so many options, you can get a little lost in the middle of the strips, clippings of heart, in the style of shower curtain and bustier tops, but we will help with this decision

Swimsuits for every body type

Pick bikinis for each type is no body meeting of simple body and know what styles can combine more types Continue reading How to Choose Bikini for Body Type

Windows Phone 7 Comes First in 2013

Update of older Windows Phones to version 7.8 will only start at the beginning of next year, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has until now would not talk much about the update to Windows Phone 7. But in an official blog post down now more details on the update, which will be issued to devices with Windows Phone 7, as URf.eks. Lumia 800 and 900 Lumia from Nokia.

-“We are working closely with hardware manufacturers and telecom operators to get tested and approved Windows Phone 7, which will be rolled out to as many devices as possible, at the beginning of 2013,” writes Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone.

New lowend devices with Windows Phone, which will hit stores this fall, will have version 7.8 directly out of the sales package.

Earlier this week pointed to rumors otherwise, that Microsoft will roll out Windows Phone 7 this week, but this was unfortunately than duck.

App Developers Can Earn Money on Apple’s Book Sales

Apple’s electronic Bookstore, ibookstore, have been integrated into the popular iOS app called Flipboard, which gets five percent in commissions by book sales.

The popular news app Flipboard, which a few months ago hit 20 million iOS and Android users, now supports also books. At least if you ‘flipper’ on the iPhone or iPad.

The most recent update incorporates thus Apple’s e-Bookstore, ibookstore, in application, as, for example, will give information about the author, etc., when you flip through the iBook-Committee.

According to our site get people behind Flipboard five percent in commissions when a reference from the app leads to a sale in the ibookstore.

Flipboard laid out by betting on iOS, but in June came a version for Android. The app is free for both platforms.

Pantone Color Spring Summer 2016

PANTONE has christened Green Flash, and it’s a vitamin and explosive green that you can show off on every occasion and time of day. We discover together this new trend of the season through the selection of Heads of gentlemen of our site.

Green as hope, green as nature in spring, green as this vitamin tinge that evokes the freshness of fine summer evenings, which not coincidentally Pantone has dubbed “Green Flash”. A particular shade of green, one of the most beautiful in spring summer 2016, that soon she will explode in your wardrobe, and that will make your outfit’s most vibrant and lively than ever. Just what we needed to accommodate with the right spirit the first sunny days. Once again to give us some advice on the new trends of the season are the friends of our site that we have recommended some cult leaders. Continue reading Pantone Color Spring Summer 2016

Lumia 920 Will Be Sold to the Courageous and Creative

Nokia should sell their new top Lumia 920 to the courageous and creative, as well as on the basis of the level of confidence in their brand, says expert.

Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8 top model, starting with selling in Denmark from today, is to be sold to the trusty Nokia customers, and those who dare to try their hand at something new, and that will not be in booths “Samsung” and “iPhone”.

The announcement comes from lifestyle expert Christian Grau from DRs program “do you know”. Continue reading Lumia 920 Will Be Sold to the Courageous and Creative

Skype for Android Gets Update-Now for Tablets

At long last there come support tablets in the latest version of Skype for Android app – update now.

There are by now come a number of updates of Skype for Android, but it is only now the application supports tablets.

The updated version of the application provides a completely new experience in the use of Skype, which works really well on Android tablets. It is easy and fast to get an overview of both the contacts and conversations.

Video call takes up a large part of the screen out per default, and it is also possible to get it to fill the entire screen. However, the application still works only in landscape viewing on tablets.

The update also brings improved audio quality and fixes a number of bugs – so it is also worth to update to phones. Download the free in Google Play Large.

How to Buy Pajamas

Flannel Pajamas. flannel and flannel for women’s Pajamas is somewhat similar to the other.Flannel fabric is unique in its properties. Enough already of clothing and blankets for newborns is still sewn from the stories. Buy flannel pajamas, note the color (some modern manufacturers use bright colors to the standards, leaving marks on the skin). Flannel pajamas quality, is likely to be quiet, pastel tones. Very handy when flannel pajamas are presented in a set of three parts: long pants, shirt buttoned at the waist or a thin knit shirt and a shirt.

Well, suppose that, after reading the first part of the article, you already know this type of nightwear for hot women choose to not be disappointed to buy. And now consider the criteria of selection of night clothing women’s light.

Continue reading How to Buy Pajamas

The Market Share for iPads Fall-the Lowest Since the First Model

Apple’s iPad is now at 55 percent of the tablet market, new figures show. Apple still leads over Android, but for how long?

Analysts had initially expected that Android really would overtake Apple’s market share on tablets in 2015, but it now appears to be in the past.

According to the latest figures from our site so the market share has fallen from 67 percent for iPad in Q3 2011 to 55 percent in the same quarter this year. It is the lowest market share for iPad since the launch of the first model in 2010.

On the other hand, sits on 44 percent Android in the third quarter of this year. The last percent goes to other operating systems.

LG Advertising: We Make Phones Not War

LG Optimus G is the result of a collaboration, which will be described in the advertisement “We Make Phones Not War”.

LG is usually a company that is more humble than some of its competitors, but it is perhaps now over. A new advertisement, which among other things has been in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, have the wording “We Make Phones Not War”. It writes our site.
The advertisement is referring directly to all the various patent litigation and legal proceedings, as part of the mobile industry. LG also writes in the advertisement, that innovation will be best at cooperation. Continue reading LG Advertising: We Make Phones Not War

FILA Women’s Underwear

Fila Underwear during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 offers us a special capsule collection called “World”, a collection that includes underwear, sleepwear and beachwear declined for her and for him, which they see as protagonists the Italian flag and the blue color of the national Italian. However row goes further and also launched an interesting initiative by buying one of the leaders Fila Underwear dedicated to National in the period between April 1 and July 15 will have the opportunity to participate in a competition that is giving away a trip for two concurrently in the final South Africa. Continue reading FILA Women’s Underwear

Microsoft Surface RT Sells Not Satisfactory

Microsoft may be dissatisfied after having halved production orders of Surface RT up to Christmas sales.

Microsoft Surface is yet to come for sale in Denmark, yet Microsoft is now the expectations for this year’s sale halves of the device. It writes our site.

According to the website so has Microsoft ordered its suppliers to cut down the production of Surface RT, due to lower demand than expected.

The company had expected to sell 4 million Surface RT tablets by the end of 2012, but the figure is now cut down to just 2 million units.

According to sources in the industry are Microsoft, however, not the only one who finds it difficult to sell products with Windows RT system, Asus, Samsung and Dell, which also sells RT-tablets, has also been met with a lower sales than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S IV – the Latest Rumors

Samsung is in February on the road with a Galaxy S IV. Read the latest rumors about the specifications.

Rumors of a sequel to Samsung Galaxy S III has begun to emerge on the Web. Whether we are talking about real leaked information, or simply tech-bloggers, wishful thinking, is uncertain.

Samsung Galaxy S (IV), or S4, will according to the rumors have 4.99 “Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD).

In addition, there is a quad-core 2 GHz Exynos processor with a GPU on eight cores in the product, as well as 64 GB of built-in memory, and support for 4 g.

There is talk, too, that device will be thinner than its predecessor S III.

About all this keep, or just speculation, we become wiser as time goes on, but it seems exciting.

Miscellaneous tech-blogs believes the product will be presented in February 2013.