Basics for Kids

Basics for kids by bridgat

All parents know the incredibly huge demand for clothing and linens for children: children grow impressively fast and rarely more than once to change the day. You sweat and come from the frolic on the playground often quite dirty home. In our online shop we offer basics parents and their children for children at affordable prices.

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Furnishings and Decoration for Children’s Room

Nursery: furnishings and decoration for the young

Colorful curtains, patterned bedding, a carpet with animal motif and funny wall stickers – in the nursery may go to it wild! So the little ones can feel in her own realm like pretty Princesses and bold conqueror, there is the matching furniture and furnishings accessories at bridgat online for the nursery. So, the nursery is set up in the truest sense of the word a breeze! At bridgat, there are online among others following great furnishings for all the big and little ones who want to make a nursery:

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Swimwear for Children

Discover swimwear for children at the bridgat online shop

Swimwear for children is often difficult to find, because the little ones already have their own head as far as shape and color. No problem, here you will find everything your heart desires. No matter whether trendy shorts for the Sapp, a functional bathing suit for the small wading or send a bikini for the lady who likes to relax in the Sun. Swimwear for children is functional, especially a swimsuit for young girls. This makes everything with: whether it’s swimming, water slides, volleyball games, or reading. He has a great fit and does not slip looks great in addition. A swimsuit is a basic that should have every girl in the closet.

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Children’s Fashion

Cheerful and comfortable children’s clothing for girls and boys

Kids love colors and patterns. Parents want above all comfort for your little ones. The versatile offer of bridgat, you will discover children’s clothing that looks great and comes with a high feel-good factor. Bodysuits & rompers, pants, jackets & snow suits, jeans, dresses, outfit sets, skirts, shirts, blouses & shirts and sportswear, sweat & knitting belong to the variety in the categories of “Babies”, “Minis” and “kids & teens”. The practical sort facilitate the search for individual models. Indicating the correct size or choose of your child’s favorite color, you get an individual and perfectly coordinated offer one click. The selection of brands of children’s clothing includes casual Jeanswear John Baner and basics and the latest trends from the 16bpc collection. Brands of popular television and cartoon characters complement the attractive offer for children fashion.

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Home Furnishings for All Rooms

Home furnishings for all rooms

Bridgat you will find a wide selection of home furnishings for your home. From the dining room to the bedroom -, you can equip all rooms with the home furnishings by bridgat. Already on the doorstep you can score with a doormat with funny prints or beautiful motifs that know, the first impression is the most important. In the entrance hall and in the living room you can add colour accents with carpets and let the apartment altogether more comfortable. Bedspreads and blankets also provide a homely atmosphere. Would you often change in your home provide without much hassle and high costs? This is very simple with Slipcovers and throws. Let your sofa and Chair in new colours shine. Towels and bath mats fall under the home textiles. Give your bathroom shine and new color with a bad set of bridgat. The little ones are also taken care. The nursery can easily spice with beautiful children textiles. How about a pirate carpet, child-friendly curtains or colorful bedding? So the kids have their very own realm and feel at home. Especially in the cold season one is happy in the House. Warm up with soft bedding from bridgat and make comfortable. Here at the online shop also a large selection of sheets and pillow covers. It is very easy to make – with new home furnishings by bridgat for variety in your home. Try it!

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Girls Rompers

Girls rompers: cuddly companions for children

With a girl romper suit your baby is tightened in the first months of life. The comfortable baby clothes not keep warm and place the body of the infant. At the same time, it offers the desired freedom of movement in the kicking, cuddling and the first baby tests the young. The one piece accompany the family through the daily life and convince with their comfort. Also in the care of infants, the rompers are practical: just the buttons open and already can easily undress the baby stuff. At bridgat, you will find popular models in great quality for girls. Order childrens clothes online and equip the wardrobe for the exciting time after birth.

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Bath Mats

Bath mats – accessories for a beautiful bathroom

Who designed your own four walls according to his personal taste,

relies on numerous decorations and home textiles. In the living room and in the bathroom of course modern rugs should not be missed: bathmats, see the online shop of bridgat in many colourful designs. Here you choose patterned bath accessories or individual bath rugs in solid colors. Thanks to the wide range, you will find the most suitable for your taste and your bath.

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Beach Dresses

Beach dresses – perfectly dressed even on hot days

Beach dresses are light and airy clothes, where the wind can play. Their soft covered skirts can be much leg room and there are no limits to the joy of motion. Varied cuts and life-affirming colour and pattern are the appropriate style for the beach promenade, the tavern or the Beach Café. Also for sport, fun and games, the beach dress is a good choice.

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Residential Trends

Residential trends and domestic helpers in the online shop bridgat!

Buy furniture for every taste is easy in our online shop. To the whole living wall, our range from the small occasional furniture. Comfortably on the domestic sofa you choose your new furniture. You can directly maßnehmen and easily imagine the furniture on their future course. So the choice is easy and takes the package Messenger annoying wearing.

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Practical Helpers for Kitchen

Practical helpers for kitchen, dining room or bathroom – everything for the budget to bridgat

“The little household is by alone, my husband says”, Johanna von Koczian sang in the 1970s. The singer already at that time had the practical household helpers from the bridgat online shop at hand, she would have probably approved her husband. Because ceramic pans, cutting boards, wall hooks, kitchen roll holders and many other useful things for the budgetary tasks in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room done with such alone.

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7/8 Trousers

7/8 pants for women are essential:

Fashionistas will appreciate this form of trousers. If you are still not a friend of the coveted pants, it is high time. They will love it. The selection of shapes and colors is great: since the choice is difficult. But one thing is certain: with a 7/8 trousers for women you meet exactly in the black.

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Lower Parts

Men’s pants for plus size – comfortable favorite pieces

Handsome men for pants now in many current designs and all fashionable refinements. Men’s pants simply belong to the classic men’s fashion for large sizes and are now more versatile than ever. Comfortable, wide cuts and high-quality materials ensure high comfort, throughout the day. The current colors and designs of models by men’s pants for large sizes, can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and provide stylish appearance thanks to versatile combination possibilities. In the bridgat online shop, you will now receive a wide range of tasteful trousers in XXL at attractive prices.

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Sweat & Knitting

Sweater for kids – games and fun, without freezing

Ideal for active children who enjoy playing and romping and make like cute sweaters for children from the range are bridgat. Our sweaters for children make great variety in colors and designs, as well as high-quality materials to popular pieces of clothing for each day. With the warm sweaters for our top brands your kids in school, kindergarten or on the playground are dressed and not restricted in their freedom of movement always warm enough. The wide range of sweaters for children in the bridgat online shop offers you the choice of many great designs.

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Skirts for Every Occasion

Large selection of skirts at bridgat

In our online-shop you will find a huge selection of current trends. No matter whether it is short or long: Here you are guaranteed find it. The popular trend pieces of denim is a classic. Inspire you again and again on the new: always changing colours and forms ensure that never arise boredom. Special washes in used look give the denim skirt an exciting note, while simple and knee-length denim skirts featuring a sporty look.

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Beautiful Summer Dresses

Gorgeous colorful summer dresses at bridgat

as soon as the temperatures are warmer, our hearts beat faster, because finally it is again so far: the Kleidersaison begins! No matter whether mini – or Maxi dress, at the huge variety of dress variants a matching piece is for every taste and every occasion. Not only for a beach holiday, but also for recreational, professional and evening cocktail parties will find a matching piece. Because when the temperatures are warmer, there is a prettier and more comfortable garment, as a summer dress. Particularly airy cut dresses made of light materials provide a pleasant wearing feeling despite warm temperatures and provide the necessary cooling.

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