HTC One M9 Reviews

HTC One M9 could be available in a version with SoC Mediatek, according to what reported in past hours by the Chinese website Still not clear what type of SoC Mediatek will use (Helio X 10 or X 20 SoCs candidates), while it will be broadly unchanged the remaining hardware profile for the device.

So far the main crux information from eprice AbbreviationFinder site, to which adds the detail of an alleged global Terminal deployment in October (we do not understand well based on what sources the site States the following, as lacking in the original post of eprice).

Rumor to be taken so with the benefit of the doubt, especially in so far as claims a worldwide deployment of the device itself the hypothesis of Mediatek is not improbable, HTC has sold in the past in the Asian market variants of models that are deployed in the European market equipped with Mediatek SoC to keep costs down.

The move might also be determined by the will to remedy the ‘ case ‘ Snapdragon SoC, 810-generated a media case generated by the overheating problems which, however, have much less emphasis in the real use of the device. Waiting for further confirmation from HTC, please take the information just given as mere rumor.

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