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When I think of the dancers jewelry Van Cleef Arpels I cannot but recall the emotion felt in 3 years when I wore my first Tutu! In 5 years I was in a ballet school, but after a little pink Tutu I had already changed my mind and I was passed to artistic gymnastics. But that’s another story. If the dancers become subject of fine jewelry is clear that I must speak.

Van Cleef and Ballet

Van Cleef & Arpels this year has collaborated on a show of classical dance: Reflections.

The choreographer of the dance company is Benjamin Millepied, 36 years old, French-born dancer and world famous. You know the husband of Natalie Portman? Him! Have you seen the movie Black Swan? Behold, the two met there.

If you haven’t seen it yet, head for cover. Vincent Cassel that says the only obstacle to your success are you: released Nina, that is the whole package of tissues!

Benjamin from the beginning of 2014 will also be the Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, I do not know if I give the idea.

The dancers jewelry Van Cleef Arpels

The inspiration from the world of classical dance is not new, are very famous ballerinas jewel Van Cleef Arpels.

The prima ballerina of the maison French fine jewellery dates back to 1941: body chains by wholesaleably.

A Spanish dancer who performs with loveliness an arabesque. Rubies and emeralds in her hair and white diamonds on Gold dress white, lovely.

Danseuse Espagnole

The most famous collection of dancers jewel Van Cleef Arpels is Ballet Precieux, made for the 40th anniversary of George Balanchine Jewels. Among the most emblematic of the dancers-jewel collection there are 2 pins to clip.

Pulcinella is the heroine of a ballet by Stravinsky: Gold black and white diamonds, pink and gray. Facials the maison French used a diamond cut pink.

Isadorais a tribute to the great danz actress Isadora Duncan. Even here white gold white diamonds and colored.


The precious ballerinas watchmakers

The ballerinas Tutu jewel Van Cleef Arpels are worked with the famous technique patented by the Mysterious Serti maison. This is an “invisible” bezel, because it allows to set the stones without an apparent support.

Let’s face it, Ballet and fine jewelry have obvious points of contact, just think to their common grace and beauty.

And to celebrate this Union between art, the dancers jewelry Van Cleef Arpels this year have 3 new topics dedicated to show Reflections. The dancers are in white gold and studded with diamonds, great taste and class. Obviously very precious.

Ballerina Reflections 1

You may have guessed, the dancers jewelry Van Cleef Arpels are little works of fine jewelry. A dream for many, a reality only in some (sigh!).

But if you believe in dreams, on 12 and 13 July the company L.A. Dance Project by Benjamin Millepied will arrive in Italy with a preview at the Spoleto Festival.

To taste strictly with the dancers to toe!

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