Online Shopping for Women Spaghetti Top

The spaghetti top – fashionable and versatile

Spaghetti tops are among the most popular pieces of clothing for women. Not without a reason – spaghetti tops look great and offer a variety of possible combinations. With the wide variety of colours, designs, materials and cuts, the spaghetti top is as diverse as hardly. Discover the wide range of fashionable spaghetti tops at compelling prices online.

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What is URL?

The term URL is an acronym in English – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-Uniform Resource Locator or Spanish Uniform Resource Locator. Created, in 1991, by Sir Timothy “Tim” Berners-Lee, a renowned British computer scientist, to establish links between different pages of the World Wide Web (www).

Definition of URL

For the Alegsa computer dictionary definition is: “a direction that allows access to a file or resource as being pages html, php, asp, or files gif, jpg, etc. It is a string of characters that identifies each resource available on the WWW. When ask us a URL in a web form, usually request us an own web site address or even the address of a user profile, as it might be on Facebook (form […] “.”

Another concept of this acronym is the own address, in computer language, of each element that is located in the www.

In this way, to get to a web page, should be written always your uniform resource locator in the space provided within the browser. There are several ways to indicate this, and while the browser program in general incorporates the http://, you can digitize without including it.

All the web pages of each belonging to the www, have a single address of this type that is created from the name of the computer, directory, file and the Protocol for the recovery of all data.

The URL part of the URI Uniform Resource Identifier (uniform resource identifier) that is a short string that identifies a resource (service, page, document, e-mail, or this website for more). URI is actually more complete than the Locator because it allows you to add in the direction a Subdirectorate, determined by the fragment.

Usage examples and phrases

“As soon as they learned that he had an account on Facebook asked you the URL”. Refers in this case to identification to access the portal.

“The company already has its URL, now only has to hire a server to host your web page”. This example specifies the steps to have a domain and a hosting service on the Internet.

“To find the information you were looking for has due go through several parallel.” It applies here in the sense of direction of web pages.


Does Samsung Phones with Transparent Screens Out?

For curved displays, flexible displays and those with HD resolution with transparent displays, Samsung smartphones seems to bring out. At least the company from South Korea has now submitted a patent, dealing with the operation of transparent displays.

As the website reported that Samsung has filed a new patent with the US Patent Office. The patent describes a transparent display on the on the front and on the back alone or even, at the same time input of the user can be processed. Transparent displays are almost transparent, so that the viewer can recognize about what is behind the screen. Also has patent also the simultaneous control of two elements on the Smartphone Samsung itself. You could control an item about the so for a Smartphone, where this technique is used, touch screen on the front and at the same time another element using the touch screen on the back.

Thanks to this new multi-touch technology it should be possible one to make completely different input at the same time on the top and on the bottom half of the transparent display, and for example in folder inside can zoom. So, the user opens the folder with the touch screen on the back of the Smartphone and considered the content without obscuring the screen with your hand. Depending on whether one uses the transparent display on the front or back, you can do various actions.

Whether technology with the transparent displays is what is expected. Definitely very impressive smartphones are likely to come next year worldwide on the market, of which some with latest technology will inspire us.

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The Wi-Fi Router from Airfy: Simple, Safe and Free Surf.

The startup company airfy from Munich big intends: wants to make it easier, cheaper and safer the public Internet with its very stylish-looking Wi-Fi router.

The Munich-based startup airfy wants to revolutionize the access to the Internet with its Wi-Fi router – easy, free, and it should be safe. The highlight of the new wireless Internet: Those who themselves have created the stylish airfy router to, can offer free Internet via Wi-Fi each – without having to worry about violations of the law of the other users here. This worked because airfy simply slips into the role of the provider. The young company takes responsibility for the Internet activities through a VPN connection between the airfy router and the Web surfer and, if necessary, passes them to the user – this are the operators on the safe side. Wi-Fi is airfy triple secured: when receiving, sending and during data transfer. Another advantage: airfy anyone without a home router can use.

Those who register at airfy, receives its own WPA2 key, he is everywhere there automatically connects to the via Smartphone with Wi-Fi, where a router of airfy nearby. The goal: You want to win as possible so many public operators for the Wi-Fi router, so that you can provide an extensive airfy network users in the city. The operator, for example, a pub or a Café, will be changed before the election by airfy: If you want to use the use of the router free, their score against a ten-second advertisement get wireless Internet on their phone an hour. The operator says that he pays the Wi-Fi network, so can its guests even without advertising at the him surf the Web.

The airfy router comes with a stainless steel stand and a wall mount. He just 149 euros and looks as stylish as a designer lamp man so also confidently decorative place him in the living room and even the 50 controllable LEDs themselves program.

OS X Yosemite: Handoff Bridges Gap Between iPhone and Mac

OS X Yosemite Connects iPhone to Mac

The new operating system for the Mac, OS makes it even easier working X Yosemite, with the integrated feature handoff, as handoff connects Mac and iPhone via the network and the devices synchronized with each other. So, you can start writing an E-Mail on the iPhone X Yosemite and handoff with OS for example and then at home on the Mac finish.

Apple according to handoff makes one thing above all when the OS X Yosemite: it strengthens the continuity between the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It does not need this much: order handoff is activated the iPhone or the iPad and the Mac must reside in the same network. Handoff is activated as soon as you approach him with an activated iPhone or iPad. The advantage of the handoff from OS X Yosemite: you can continue what you started on your iPad or iPhone, on the Mac, if you want to – switch the device for example, if you go at home finished wants to write the E-Mail started with the iPhone on the way home on the Mac. With handoff, you can do even more, because the function of OS X Yosemite works too with documents and with SMS – Apple calls this the “continuity”-function.

Synchronize Apple Devices Even Easier with Handoff

With handoff in the new OS can you finished email X Yosemite not only on the Mac, you can present all its MMS and SMS to all its Apple devices. Handoff synchronizes all devices in the network using iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite in the following applications: mail, Safari, keynote, numbers, messages, maps, pages, calendar, contacts, and memories. You can phone with handoff on his Mac, and using the computer as a speakerphone. Applies also here: the whole thing works, as soon as the iPhone is on the same network as the Mac.

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What is USB?

The term USB is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-Universal Serial Bus or Bus Universal Serial Bus equivalent name in Spanish. Created from Intel, together with Compaq, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, NEC, Microsoft, and Northern Telecom, which was released in its first specification 1.0 in 1996. It is an industry standard that required terminals, cables and protocols that are used on a bus for pcs, electronic and peripheral devices can communicate, connect and supply of electricity.

Definition of USB

You can be considered the first definition of USB as a socket which is used on computers. Or put another way, you can set it as a port that has a high speed and that connects computers with peripherals. It supports 12 MBps transfers. And each such port can connect 127 peripherals such as printers, mouses, keyboards, among others.

However at present application refers to any electronic component, such as Blu-ray players Disc. But its greater importance given in smart phones, consoles, among others, since it replaced the proprietary connectors.


It is classified into:

Low speed (1.0) whose transfer rate of up to 1.5 Mbit/s is used in devices of human interface such as keyboard, mouse, etc.

Full speed (1.1): with a transfer rate of up to 12 Mbit/s.

High speed – HiSpeed (2.0): it has a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbit/s although its actual maximum rate of 280 Mbit/s. 2.0 cable has 4 lines, one pair for data and one for power.

Superhigh speed – SuperSpeed (3.0) that has a transfer rate of up to 4.8 Gbit/s. It is ten times faster than the 2.0 because 5 added contacts were introduced, and the fiber optic connector left side.

The second definition refers to the so-called USB memory, also popularly called pendrive which is a small external device used to store information or store data, using the USB port for data transfer. These pen drives are useful for the transport of information, which has led them to impersonate (now disused) diskettes, DVDs and CDs; they are also used as MP3 players. Storage capacity can range from 32 MB up to 60 GB.

These memories have several advantages, among them are: the resist dirt and scratches; they can be rewritten about a million times; When buying them, they are very cheap and can keep the information up to 10 years.

Usage examples and phrases

“You have connected your camera to the USB port to download the images in your notebook”. It refers in this case to one of the peripherals that use this type of port.

“The Licentiate in economy bought a USB stick to transfer the information of their clients to his office.” This example used as equivalent to the Flash drive to store data.

“It employs a USB OTG for connecting a mouse to your tablet”. It applies here referring to a specification of these devices that allows tablets to act as servers.


Power Cover: The Extended Battery for the Galaxy S5

More power with the power cover! You want more power for your Galaxy S5? You can have it! The power cover of Anymode a real surge of energy gives the Samsung Galaxy S5! The battery installed in the hull, the Galaxy S5 starts by correctly, because it gets almost twice as much strength and endurance so as it did from the factory with the built-in standard battery from Samsung.

The Power Cover Gives Twice as Much Juice the S5

The power cover of Anymode makes the Galaxy S5 although a lot thicker, for it has but also far more power. The Anymode power cover fits exactly on the Galaxy S5 and provides it with its built-in battery with more power. The power cover has it all: with its rate of 2.260 mAh’s doubled the capacity of the battery integrated in the Galaxy S5 almost – whose capacity is 2,800 mAh. Charged cell phone battery and power cover be parallel using the built-in port of mobile phones. How far the process has progressed, one shows an LED light. The power cover can any on push of a button and be turned off and in the control of smartphones don’t mind also, because access to the controls, the speakers, to the camera and the headphones is maintained despite the power cover.

Thick Cover, Proud Price

Who wants to upgrade his Galaxy S5 with the power cover, have to take two things into account: one is the Galaxy S5 with the applied power cover to a whopping six millimeters thick, on the other one for this super strong battery must lay a regular price – according to EIA the manufacturer the power cover trading costs 92.90 euro.

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Google Camera is There and Take Pictures with Depth of Field

Since Wednesday, an app developed by Google at the disposal with which you can easily burnish photos stand in the play store. The name of the application: Google camera. A similar software has been pre-installed Android 4.4 KitKat, the relationship of the applications is clearly visible – there are also differences.

Specifically, the interface has improved Google, in addition, new features have been added. Especially exciting: a mode for the depth of field. With this, you can subsequently edit images so that they look as if they were made with a professional SLR – the Google developers in a post explaining how this works exactly.

The Fotosphere function allows you panoramic pictures now with full 360-degree full angle and the 100% viewfinder displays images in the preview at full resolution without cut-off edges.

Less Vertical Videos

You, trying to keep the Smartphone, upright in the video mode the app you indicates that you like please tip your unit. Hochkantige videos in portrait mode are not possible – a limitation, that certainly makes sense especially in regard to video platforms like MyVideo or YouTube.

Small drawback: Google camera can be only with Smartphones and tablets use where at least Android 4.4 KitKat is installed.

Flickr App Strongly Reminiscent Instagram after Update

Flickr wants to finally close to Instagram. And uses for its new app just for the competitors. This is not quite the fine art, but the result can be seen: Flickr 3.0 is an overhauled app for iPhone and Android devices.

While the old app was more like a scaled down form of the site, everything is fast, fluid and clear now – so at least the verge judge. You can thus filling the display viewing photos with the tap of a finger. Also the stored metadata is available with a single Tip: where was the photo taken with which camera?

The focus the overhaul on interaction, comments, sharing pictures and create favourite channel lists. Also the search function has been improved. The proven filter and edit functions are still with on board. Also it is now also possible to upload HD videos with a length of up to 30 seconds per app. And just like with Instagram, you can replace parts of the videos in hindsight.

Flickr Has Left Against Instagram

The time must show whether the update Flickr is enough to close the gap on Instagram. Whole two years it had lasted at that time finally until 2012 was finally photo filter in the style of the successful upstart Flickr for its app. Who has benefited, meanwhile, vigorously: the 2010 launched Instagram now 200 million people use, while the six years older Flickr at about 92 million users.

Shop the Best Selection of Women’s Panties

The favorite among the panties

Panties are just as sexy as a string or a narrow slip, but more comfortable. Order seductive panties with imaginative patterns and bright colors in the online shop now! The tight-fitting panties are figure hugging, which usually have no or only extremely short legs and elastic cuffs. The skintight panties put your butt in the limelight and high comfort. Panties can be worn particularly well under tight skirts, trousers or leggings.


Different designs for your individual needs

Discover in the online shop for magical panties of hypoallergenic materials such as cotton, lace or satin. Many panties are decorated at the cuffs with fine tip or cute bows of satin. Regardless of whether you are looking for flat or patterned ladies panties, you will find the matching panties for each occasion. The range of patterned panties will simply delight you: opt for pants with small or large squares, strips, points, floral, abstract patterns or figurative motifs and bring a bit of variety in your lingerie drawer. Large-format prints like leopard prints or peacock prints are an absolute eye-catcher under pants and skirts. You can find a wide selection of flat panties in the diverse range. Panties in bright, vibrant colors are a popular trend not only in the summer.

Women’s Sports Clothing Vintage

Women’s sports wear online

Today’s woman wants to be always well dressed – also in sports. The online shops offer a wide range of sports clothing. Sportswear not only looks good, but is fully functional. The requirements of high-quality sports outfits are particularly high. Ladies’ sports clothing must be made of durable material that should be also breathable and skin-friendly.

Comfortable sports clothing online

The sportswear is practical and comfortable to wear. With the functional outdoor jacket, you can turn your rounds at wind and weather. Under the jacket soft sweat or fleece will keep you warm. Try it out! You can choose tops, T-shirts or long sleeve shirts – depending on the weather conditions. Because as they say: “There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing”. With the right sportswear for women, there are no excuses to go more into the fresh air. Therefore you find in the offer numerous renowned manufacturers of sportswear. Those who just want to relax, it is especially important to wear a suitable sports bra, which ensures a secure fit in the chest area. Finally everything should fit with sporting activities perfectly. Beautiful fashion animated and can be even an incentive to move again or start a new sport. See the sports clothing for ladies in larger sizes. For pregnant women, there are also beautiful comfortable fashions for home, where you can relax wonderfully.

Women’s Beach Dresses Cheap

Beach dresses – perfectly dressed even on hot days

Beach dresses are light and airy clothes. The beach skirts are always made from soft fabric to offer ample leg room. Varied cuts and life-affirming color and pattern are the appropriate style for the beach promenade, the tavern or the beach café. Also for sport, fun and games, the beach dress is a good choice.


Find your favorite beach dress
The materials of the beach dresses from are easy to clean and breathable. In each holiday luggage, beach dresses easily find place. We offer you a wide range of feminine beach dresses made of real cotton and other sleek and high-quality materials. You will be inspired by the colourful diversity of the beach dresses online. Look forward to your next vacation or carefree days with new a beach dress. You will see the summer dresses-shop great dresses for the warm season. Also for hot days in the city or for pool parties and garden parties, beach and summer dresses are the perfect outfit. You make good mood because of their bright colors and can take to platform sandals, Stilettos, ballerinas and other nice summer shoes. Even with toe shoes, slippers and barefoot, they look fabulous. You can see in these clothes is on the beach. You wrap your most beautiful pages flattering and have still lots of sun on the skin. Look forward to great summer dresses in all variations and select the designs that suit you. Mini, midi or super long – in the offer of online shops you will find the dress that matches your individual needs.


Large selection in online shop
The online shop offers the perfect beach dress for your leisure style. Flower, striped, checkered are hot pattern this summer. Beach dresses are simple and can be worn with or without jewelry. They work beautifully with stylish holiday jewelry. These include chicken gods in leather belts, amulets, amber beads, wooden bangles and more. Maybe you want to adorn themselves simply with flowers from the resort. There is no jewelry that would be inappropriate for a beach dress. And even without additional jewelry clothes unfolded their effect perfectly. You decorate and dress the wearer perfectly. Here you will find a wide selection of stylish beach dresses of different brands. See the current collection and look forward to exciting holidays. The reasonable prices make it easy for you to fill your holiday luggage, which can take you to the sea, in the tourist resort and wherever you want with fancy clothes at

Shop Maternity Pants for A Variety of Styles

Pregnancy – the time of change

In this intensive phase of life, women’s pregnancy fashion is not only functional, but also modern. The maternity bottoms from our range are the perfect companions for very special circumstances. From sporty, elegant to classy and chic – with the right maternity bottoms you can enjoy nine months for an untroubled all-round wellbeing feeling.

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Shop Maternity Clothes and Maternity Wear

Practical and cheap maternity clothes

High-quality materials ensure that you all feel comfortable in this special nine months. Even after the birth of your little treasure, the bras or maternity pajamas are still useful and it still cozy. Maternity underwear need not to be boring. In the wide range of maternity clothes online store you will find the matching clothes for everyone from smber.


Maternity lingerie – high-quality materials and charming designs
The maternity underwear recalled medical linen from the health food store are fortunately over. Today you will find a wide range of beautiful maternity clothes. Beautiful colors and prints make for good mood. The refined incisions of the maternity clothes can appear in good shape despite baby belly. The loving designs and the noble materials guarantee high comfort here. The feel-good factor plays a significant role particularly in underwear. The maternity pyjamas are snug and create a beautiful, feminine silhouette with details such as ribbons and wide trousers.


Maternity clothes – easy to clean and cheap
The wide selection and reasonable prices offered by the online shopping are to your hearts content. Decorated seam at the hem or cutouts in emerald provide stylish design during the time of pregnancy. A bra works with fine lace fabrics and high-quality prints anything but boring. You will like the special offers, which promises high functionality, such as ease of use during breastfeeding. The excess belly briefs by nice size relieve your belly by the smooth and yet solid materials. The belly belt looks great and relieves your back by the blend of cotton and spandex. When washing your maternity clothes, you don’t have to worry because it is easy to care for and easy to clean.

The Widest Collection of Tall Jeans with All Rises

Jeans for everyday

The triumph of denim pants for both men and women can be seen. The emigration brought the jeans as sturdy work pants made of durable denim in the United States. There, they enjoy great popularity among farmers, workers and gold miners. In the 1950s, young people rebel against authority and constricting traditions. The jeans as a symbol of freedom and independence are now long also socially acceptable for ladies and gentlemen. Many well-known designers design their own collections. Women’s jeans are popular worldwide as a reliable companion in everyday life, leisure and professional, and are appreciated by women, men and children.


Fashionable women’s jeans for every figure type
for long women’s jeans are clever all-rounders. With them, you can create a casual leisure outfit as well as elegant business wear. Through the large selection of different styles, jeans pants for women are very flexible. They offer the right model for every figure type. Women’s jeans with stretch are particularly comfortable. They adapt perfectly to the body shapes and offer high levels of comfort. Skinny jeans are perfect for long, slender legs. Their tight, form-fitting shape looks seductive and sexy. Long jeans for ladies are very popular especially with slightly flared legs. This boot-cut style fits well with the boots, but also great to carry to sandals or sneakers.


You will find a wide range of different women’s jeans in attractive shapes and colors
No matter what size you need, you pay always same price. Compose a chic outfit for the warm season with women’s long jeans and a sexy top or make your winter outfit with jeans and short coat. Also, women’s jeans are simply comfortable from the range. It is easy to find the right women’s pants online through different body heights and the comfortable division. In addition to long women’s jeans, the online shop offers a wide range of 7/8 jeans, jeans shorts and jeans skirts. Now browse the jeans offer and discover your favorite of women’s jeans in current colors and washes it!

Shop the Latest Styles of Women’s Handbags

Always perfectly dressed with handbags

Your look is rounded off skillfully with an exclusive handbag with one or other fashionable accent. Thanks to the enormous diversity of shapes and sizes, the matching handbag is just about every taste. The multiple color options provide women more free choice. For the professional, customers will find many elegant bags that convince with clean lines. At leisure, it should be like something more colorful and fancy.


A handbag for every occasion

The small black handbag is one of the absolute classics for many years and can be found in numerous wardrobes, such as 800zipcodes. In addition to the timeless look, handbags play a crucial role in our life. Purse, keys, cell phone, cosmetics and perhaps a calendar – in a handbag is not uncommon along the one or the other. These trendy bags offer plenty of space and are therefore the ideal companion for leisure. Who would like to purchase a large handbag, should look for high-quality material. If the shoulder strap length can be individually adjusted, the bag offers a higher level of comfort. The handbags are available in leather, as well as in various fabrics and convince in unusual designs.

Long Dresses for Party

Long dresses: the favorites for summer

Long dresses are indispensable from the current fashion. They inspire all along the line and provide variety, day after day, as they are very easy to combine. Trendy sunglasses and individual jewellery give some and make the hottest favourite in summer long dresses. Reading you the latest models of dresses online and benefit from a very quick delivery. No limits are set to your shopping pleasure: there is a wide selection of long dresses of various styles. No matter whether long or short summer dresses, in listofusnewspapers you will find it.


Dresses: beautiful playful colors provide good mood
Access to strong colors, if you are looking for your new dream dress. This splash of color make you smile in your face in no time and let you shine on stressful days. The solid long dresses at work or at the party can be worn in the evening; the printed dresses are perfect for the beach or the leisure. There is no better companion for a day spent strolling by the sea. Comfortable sandals complete the feminine outfit.

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