Classic Towels

Towels: the icing on the cake

Cloths rightly considered important accessories that women’s use of accents. In the online shop of bridgat, we present you a very versatile range of cheap towels: the casual cotton cloth to the stylish silk scarf. Also already listed by tops regain more attractive with a pretty towel. Towels also distract ingenious way of problem areas. For this reason, many ladies wear these convenient accessories with a strong character pronounced like.

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Women’s Shoes Online Free Shipping

Women’s can never have enough shoes

Women’s shoes like the handbags are the big weaknesses of many women. No wonder, because the selection of different designs, colors and styles is great. Women’s shoes should be perfect as accessories on the respective outfit. Fashion-conscious women need more than a pair of women’s shoes for every season.

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Sexy Lingerie for Women Cheap Online

Discover beautiful and seductive lingerie

Exciting lingerie can be found in almost all women’s closet. The lingerie is usually used as a basic under your clothes for everyday use. The selection of beautiful lingerie for women is very diverse. There is lingerie for each character type. Thanks to the many different designs, the lingerie is for pretty much everyone. Continue reading Sexy Lingerie for Women Cheap Online

Shop for Women’s Clothing Online

Women’s clothing online

Are you looking for the latest trends for color, cuts and fabrics? Then you are exactly right in the online shop. There are the right pieces of clothing for every occasion. And the sellers will show you which combinations are announced. Whether you are looking for basics, blazer for a job interview or a dress for the next party night, here you will find all of them. Women want to be well dressed not only in everyday life and for leisure, but also at festive events and business occasion. Regardless what type of body you belong to, fashion is always an expression of one’s personality and a great way for people already at the first glance to leave a lasting impression. Find your favorite piece in our extensive range of pants, blouses, jackets, jeans, dresses, and much more here.

Women’s clothing at fantastic prices

Modern tops are must haves in many women’s wardrobes. No matter whether it is a rugged pair of jeans, which is one of the absolute classics, every woman will find feminine blouses, dresses, or sports shirts in the online shop. Customers who would like shopping online will be amazed by the wide selection of the clothes. Great accessories and beautiful tops are also available online. A good comfort is important for any cloth.

Slippers Online Shopping

Slippers – for warm feet and comforting moments

Slippers ensure well-being and relaxation when you rise in the morning out of the warm bed or come after a long day to go home. House shoes protect your feet from cold ground, ensure warm feet and are available in many great colors, cheerful designs and different materials. Such slippers are now is anything but boring. Discover beautiful slippers in varied styles at reasonable prices in the online shop.

Slippers – classics for home and garden

In the ancient times, people used shoes and mules, which were intended only for use in their own home. From this evolved the slippers, which are still used to increase the comfort in the House and to protect the floor from dirt and wear. Slippers are among the most important accessories in everyday life in Japan. A distinction is made here even between slippers for living room and bathroom.

Comfortable and practical – slippers

The popular brands offer a wide selection of slippers, which exactly meet your personal taste. The products on line are of high quality and durability, the sellers regularly check the materials used in fashionable slippers. The designs of the collection combine with first-class design this longevity. Beautiful plateau slippers and mules with playful braiding patterns or thong straps provide fashionable appearance also in the House and are real good mood makers. The selection offers elegant slippers with shimmering strap in silver, green or black and comfortable clogs, you can wear throughout the day. Refined details such as studs and fashionable buckles make the comfortable slippers round astronomically. The trendy brand provides stylish toe thong sandals for you that add variety to your wardrobe with current prints and patterns. The fashionable mules can take easily in the summer even outside the home. You will find cuddly trends in the assortment: nice fleece and fluffy plush warm your feet on cold days and increase the feel-good factor when it’s grey outside and uncomfortable.

Simply Basic Bras Online

Shaping basic bras for large cup sizes

Sculpting basics conjure up the narrow silhouette that you’ve always dreamed. It brings out your character great especially under tight clothing. Because they conceal small pads and point out exactly the right places. Any woman can get a seductive hourglass figure. If you want to show your best side, pick up quietly shaping bras from the website. The online shops offer you a wide selection of high-quality lingerie features shaping figure made of skin-friendly high-tech materials at incredibly low prices. The basic bras are particularly well suitable for large cup sizes. Delicate fabrics and soft brackets form the chest and give her the necessary support.


Elegance for every day: the basic Bra

Basic bras can be found in many neutral tones. Basic bras in large sizes are suitable with your simplicity for every outfit. The fact that they are optimally on the skin and the bra under your clothes are characterized. The forming basic bras are ideal for tight tops or blouses. Through the simple shades such as white, black, grey and pink, they optimally hide under your clothes. You will find basic bras in many different forms such as balconette, shell, strapless, triangle and many more. For a pleasant feel, choose a shaping bra without wires. These give you the necessary support of a wider elastic band under bust. The shaping bras for large cup sizes can take also optimally if needed at night. There are the matching bras for women who like slightly less work your large chest would allow. The minimizer bra conjures up visually about a cup size smaller. Padded straps complete the well-being of forming basic bras. Just take a look through the wide range and try on your favorites in peace and quiet at home.

Underwire Bras No Padding


Bras without wires for large sizes

The right bra can relieve the back stress and support the chest. It is not always easy to find the right bra with the perfect fit for everybody because every bust is shaped differently. A bra without wires in large sizes fits perfectly on your upper body and your chest and shapes these very natural. The extra wide and slightly padded carrier will give additional stability. The pre-formed shell of the non-iron bras for large sizes is soft-lined and lies down like a second skin around your chest.


Enjoy all day comfort!

The relief bras without wires for large breasts come along as they sound. Silky soft fabrics and elegant lace adorn the bras without wires for large sizes and give them the look of elegant lingerie. Transparent fabric inserts on the upper cups exude a hint of eroticism. Sometimes it should be somewhat discreet, for example under a tight T-shirt. The simple bras without wire in larger sizes are ideal for a large cup form. Browse through the wide range of comfortable bras without wires for large sizes and you get great bargains at 2-pack offers with bras in different designs and a very low price. Order and get delivered in just a few days directly to your home.

Underwire Bras No Padding

Garden accessories

Garden accessories – enjoy in the Green

If you have a garden, which is a life without these benefits hardly imagine. Because no other place will help you quickly to relax and switch off from the stress, like your own garden. Outdoors and in your private comfort zone this is a great advantage of a garden. Garden decorations and garden accessories give your favorite place an individual touch. Versatile accessories and stylish decorations add ideal between your magnificent flowers, shrubs and plants and make your garden a small paradise of everyday life.

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Capri Jeans for Ladies

Chic Capri jeans for trend-conscious women

The online shops present a wide range of attractive Capri jeans. You feel very comfortable and look elegant at the same time. Fashion-conscious ladies order online Capri jeans, which serve as versatile basics in the dressing room. You can combine the Capri jeans especially well with T-shirts, blouses, tops and light sweaters. These jeans in 7/8 length for women are usually made from classic denim blue and many other fancy colors. In red and white Capri jeans are fine for the beautiful marine look. In delicate pastel shades, such as lilac or light yellow, they pleased with their young and feminine look.


Casual Capri jeans for many occasions
Three quarters long jeans enjoy great popularity among women because they look sporty and casual. At the same time, Capri jeans are especially durable and robust. They are excellent for leisure activities such as long walks and bike rides. In everyday life, at work, in the kitchen or in the garden, they prove very handy. Many of Capri jeans have small slits in the leg cut-outs that make for much freedom of movement. You will receive 7/8 jeans with straight legs in a sporty worker style with big patch pockets. You make an excellent choice by wearing Capri jeans in used look.


Chic Capri jeans with trendy extras
Customers will find original Capri jeans, they pleasantly stand out here. 7/8 jeans look chic with tasteful embroidery motifs or embellished chic rivets at parties. Ladies like to order Capri jeans from the collection, which have a particularly feminine. Trends in narrow fit with decorations on the side legs, such as refined lace or lace pattern, result in a seductive outfit with a tight top or T-shirt.

Beneficial Capri jeans in big sizes
Capri jeans are suitable for women with very feminine figure, according to dentistrymyth. This applies in particular to the online shop collection pieces, which are more tailored to hips and buttocks and down narrow run down. In this way, they visually extend the legs and make the whole figure is slim. Combined with a well cut blouse, a tunic or a T-shirt in the oversized look, they conjure up a slim silhouette. Extremely comfortable and convenient wear Capri jeans with soft, elastic band at the waist and the leg cut-outs. Capri pants made of denim fabric sit perfectly in extra-large sizes.

Men’s Pants

The man of today often has a wide range of different men’s trousers in the closet

Because there are men’s trousers for every imaginable occasion. Whether it’s a classic jeans pants for everyday, a casual Chino pants for the Office or an elegant suit pants for a special occasion. In our online shop you will find the appropriate part of the trend.
Pants for men are available in various lengths and widths. From short to long, from far up to tight Skinny Jeans: the selection is great. The most famous men’s pants is denim pants. Comfortable, casual, and in various denim shades among the must-haves in any wardrobe. You can order different sections depending on your preference in our online shop. With us you find everything the man of wide-cut styles to the narrow version.

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Womens Vest Sale

The ladies vest as an all-rounder

Ladies vest are the ideal accompaniment for the cool season – they are a great and fashionable addition to many outfits at the same time. Warm, without visually apply.


Women’s Vest – the perfect connection of sporty and elegant

Vest suit many fashion styles ladies. The fake-fur vests are worn under the small black or the jacket for a casual look or a cold winter walk.  Vests complete your outfit and can be combined in many ways. They’re the perfect blend practical and chic.


Is not equal to vest
The new mode presents a variety of Vest for the ladies:

  • Vests are warm and versatile. Whether as a replacement for a heavy jacket or even a supplementary layer including on cooler days or summer nights. This vest is the Professional among the hot holders.
  • They are characterized by their flexibility and the practical spontaneous composability in everyday life. A sudden change in the weather? With the warm embrace of the lightweight quilted vest, you can handle it easily and comfortably.
  • Fake-fur vests are the fine accompaniment to dress, skirt or pants of glamour. High shoes, ankle boots, boots and boots prove themselves as real combination talent. You give any outfit a rock chic look.
  • Fleece vests are warm and casual basics. They are crafted with particularly soft, thin and lightweight fleece. These variants are also ideal as a layer under a jacket.
  • Denim vests are casual rocking trends among the vests. With used look, they are true eye-catcher for every occasion: for the jeans or leather pants, a dress or miniskirt.
  • Blouses vests are the feminine in the vest. Slightly like a blouse, and at the same time versatile plant they are suitable for many combinations for the job and also for festive occasions.
  • Vest with lace trim complete romantic dreamy dresses or skirts outfits.

Sexy Lingerie Online

Romantic playful lingerie in larger sizes

Sometimes it must be just something very special. Your partner sees you usually in bra and panties that most women wear every day under clothes. This is simply practical and most convenient. Now it is time to try something new that attract his attention only to you. The online shops have a wide range of lingerie in larger sizes for you.

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Skirts for Chunky Legs

Plus size skirts – trends for plus-size women

The online shop offers the latest fashion highlights of this season – and it is now not only for svelte ladies, but also fashionistas with particularly feminine curves. Discover many different versions of the currently most fashionable skirts in large sizes so for example now online. The small problem zones at the hips or legs can be easily concealed through a matching skirt. Get inspired by the skirts with trendy shapes and cuts in stylish colors online now and find your favorite combinations to your new skirts in large sizes. You can shop here for amazingly low prices.


Skirts in large sizes- models for every occasion

Curvy ladies beware! There are the currently fashionable dresses for chubby now. The feminine dresses and skirts are optimally integrated into your everyday wardrobe and fit in the spare time, as well as in the office and dinner in the evening. There are skirts in large sizes here in many different versions, allowing a flexible combine to a variety of events and venues. How about a trendy maxi skirt for the next walk through the town with your girlfriends? Or a fine pencil skirt for the meeting on Monday morning in the office? Discover your personal favorites of the skirts in larger sizes online now and order the selected parts easily from home with just a few clicks.

Buy Jogging Pants and Sweatpants Online


Jogging trousers – comfortable fashion in subdued colors

With sweatpants for women you are comfortable and fashionably dressed. Many of the pants are made from cotton and optimally adapt the figure, according to The online shops provide flexible materials that you enjoy best comfort in your sweatpants. In the wide collection you will find the jogging pants in many different designs: black and grey are the most popular shades due to their versatility. The casual sweatpants look classic and can be perfectly combined. A sports top companies your workout outfit well. The appearance of simple sweatpants for women is lightened by nice details such as contrasting seams or white streaks. So the jogging pants get a more casual look and can take as well as comfortable casual wear.


Sweatpants – colors set highlights

If you want to bring a little more color in your sports outfits, you are well advised for sweatpants in eye-catching colors. The jogging pants in blue or red are always well received and provide a color eye-catcher. If you are looking for more colorful type, opt for jogging pants in pink or purple and wear a white shirt. Last but not least, the cut in sweatpants is crucial for women: tight-fitting pants are suitable for jogging, while trousers wide leg for aerobics and dance are suitable. Thanks to the great variety, there are suitable sweatpants for every sport and every taste. Buy your sweatpants in the online shop and choose current training fashion.

Bodies and Shapewear

Find everything you need to get your body into shape

Female curves come closest to the validity if they are nicely shaped. Sometimes woman must use some tricks to obtain a smooth and sleek silhouette. You will find a wide range of shapewear which helps you easily to hide small pads. It is important that the looming outfit modeled the body perfectly. The tight dresses and skirts are the perfect choice. You model the back, the entire waist area and the buttocks, and the problem areas at the thighs. This model is ideal also for trousers with thin fabric.

Wear your favorite pieces!

Through the bodies & shapewear from online shops you can apply on all your favorite parts any time. You don’t have to starve before you can wear your dress again. The body shaper conjures up a smaller size. Through the skin-friendly material and the soft seams shape, the shape dresses shapen your body gently and won’t restrict you. Many shape dresses have a deep scoop neck which runs below your normal bras. The bodies and body shapers are closed in the back like a normal bra and can be also opened by push buttons in the step and closed easily again. Now, browse our great range of sshapwear and other body shapers online.

Panties Online Shopping

Discover great panties online

Panties accompany everybody every day. The soft fabrics are easy on the skin and give you a good feel. Elastic waistband provides an optimal, individual adaptation to your figure.

  Panties Online Shopping

High-quality skimpy panties

Chubby ladies will definitely find the matching briefs for their character and their taste. There is a wide selection of different types of panties waiting for you. Maxi briefs are particularly comfortable to wear. High elastic waist ranges up to the waist and the included rubber inserts in the legs provide a high wearing comfort. This comfortable fit prevents slipping or unpleasant tweaking of the briefs in large sizes. The briefs are timeless fashionable cut. Discreet logo essays or small bows pimp the simple basics on. All-over prints are very popular with these briefs in large sizes. If you want to prefer a little less fabric in terms of panties but yet not renounce the comfortable style of panties, pick up narrow-cut briefs on the buttocks from constructmaterials. These are often equipped with exciting lace on the cuffs and waistband, and give the models a seductive look. Every woman will find the matching panties size.

High-quality skimpy panties

Men’s Shorts

Men’s shorts for a sporty and casual look

in the fashion world the shorts are considered men’s real favorite on warm days. In the summer season, the trendy and airy shorts of catcher are par excellence. Because the shorts add a sporty, casual and elegant at the same time touch to your look for men. The men’s Shorts are usually made of thick cotton fabric and comfort. Meanwhile, there’s the shorts for men in various forms and variants. Most shorts models are cut like a pair of jeans or as a Chinohose. Also the Cargo Shorts is an all-rounder which you can order from us in different leg lengths.

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