One Shoulder Tops

Fashionable one shoulder tops for a successful presentation

Are you looking for an outfit for a perfect appearance? It was at leisure or at the party in the evening: with one shoulder tops by bridgat you are correct. One shoulder comes from the English and means “a shoulder”: one shoulder is free, others covered by a sleeve or a narrow beam. These tops make the femininity in the Center without being intrusive. Emphasize the shoulders and put them masterfully. On bridgat you find the attractive one shoulder tops that flatter your type and also offer a pleasant wearing comfort.

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Nursery furniture – chic and practical at the same time

You want to reshape your child’s room, or set up a baby room? Then you’re online at bridgat. Here you find among other things sturdy beds and stylish storage options. The beds of bridgat points with clever details: your offspring must decide only whether he prefer a wants to find extra pull-out bed or practical drawers under his mattress. Different colors make sure that is the nursery furniture blend into the realm of your little ones.


Cozy children’s and baby room set up
Sweet dreams and plenty of room for toys – these are the things that want children. With bridgat these wishes come true: sleep in cozy cribs made of solid pine the little rascals probably quickly after a day a. Beds with pull-out couch surfaces suitable for fun Pajama parties or before evenings with friends. So will visit the overnight guests thanks to practical nursery furniture even more beautiful.


Sophisticated nursery furniture provide storage space for toys
Furniture in the nursery have bright colors and playful shapes. But also the functionality and stability is important. Baby room furniture must be particularly functional, because the accessories for the smallest fails often lush: diapers, towels and creams are best in shelves or chests of drawers in the vicinity of the bed at hand. The older kids take advantage of the storage space for toys.


Nursery furniture: take advantage of online ordering
Nursery furniture order online – that works easily! The order of nursery furniture at bridgat is also among other advantages:

  • customer reviews
  • delivery
  • option of returning

before you is for nursery furniture decide can you read through the numerous reviews of the customers, who have already purchased the product. The reviews are sortable such as timeliness and provide such a comprehensive overview of the experiences of previous buyers. So you get ideas from other parents, and certainly the one or the other suggestion to design your child or baby room nursery.


Comfortable – delivery of nursery furniture
The delivery is a further advantage of the order of nursery furniture in the bridgat online shop. You can order the products in the Internet and get the kids room or nursery furniture then quickly home. You will save yourself the visit to the furniture store and the subsequent transport of their favorite pieces. During pregnancy you can set up so completely stress-free the baby room. If you provided nursery furniture once didn’t like or do not fit into the nursery should, you can return the ordered furniture in its original packaging with the completed RMA form and the return sticker easily to us.

Long Skirts

Great long skirts make you want to summer – and more

A long skirt with fashion-conscious women through the leisure. He is very feminine and flatters the figure through his light kaschierende fit. Casual long skirts hide small problem zones. Also the knee be covered in playful. So, long skirts are quickly becoming the favorite piece in the female wardrobe. Long skirts are no longer out of fashion to imagine. New colors and cuts make for variety and a modern touch. In the online shop of bridgat you find a fantastic selection of long skirts for every figure and size. Inspired by the diversity and treat yourself to a new favorite rock.

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Chests of drawers & TV boards

Commodes: your new interior design ideas in the online shop bridgat

Chest of drawers are recommended for each institution. Thus, they serve either as a replacement for bulky cabinets and wall units or be used as a supplement with plenty of storage space. The big advantage of the popular cabinets is versatility: there are chests of drawers in very spacious variants. These fit perfectly into the living room and used here as sideboard. In the bedroom they are good as wardrobes or for the Organization of beauty paraphernalia. As a TV cabinet, chest of drawers have another plus: you make not only your TV on the piece of furniture, but have additional storage space in the living area thanks to the drawers and compartments. If you are now interested in the practical furniture, you can look forward to the online shop of bridgat on a large selection.


Chests of drawers and cabinets: get to know various kinds of wood

, Beech is the absolute classic wooden furniture. The wood is very stable, durable and fits for many furnishing styles. At 16bpc living there is a chest of drawers beech for you: you have the choice between variants with drawers or open compartments. Also in darker look, you will find the side cabinets. For this, pine woods will then be painted in similarly dark shades are preferred. Of course, there are rustic chest of drawers in oak or walnut. Just decide which variants best tell you to – and of course, what fits perfectly with your personal home furnishings.


Different variants of the Cabinet serve its purpose – chests of drawers

Chest of drawers has many faces and is extremely versatile. TV chest of drawers is for example often relatively flat and with a height of only about 60 centimeters. For such cabinets are slightly wider, so next to the TV also DVD player or game console space. If you make in your home to order, but have only little space available, pick up high pieces of furniture: chests with drawers are recommended here. Furniture in this style can be up to 180 cm high and provide ample storage. Decorations can be well accommodated in the spacious drawers, and even for sweaters and T-Shirts, you will find the matching cabinets. You must only consider where you want to place your new chest of drawers. Last but not least, it is worth to look at 16bpc living dressing tables. A small table with a built-in Drawer Dresser is a girls dream come true for many women. Get to know the modern furniture in the bridgat online shop and order today new bureaus for a nice home.

Girls Pants & Jeans

Girls pants offer the versatility and comfort for little fashionistas

Girl pants belong in the wardrobe of every little trendsetter, because the choice of pants for girls is more versatile than ever. In our assortment you will find girl pants jeans for comfortable leisure pants for many occasions. Because girls want to goto and play have all the freedoms of movement and feel completely comfortable. Children’s clothing by bridgat ensures a good mood, because here brings together comfort and cheerful designs and make the girl pants our top brands to Versatile modular pieces of favorite.

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Chinohose for men – the perfect look for leisure and Office

the trendy chinos for men are the trend for a long time. The airy chinos finest cotton offer highest comfort and are a fashionable alternative to jeans and suit pants. By their comfortable and stylish cut they assert themselves as favourites for a clean business look and a fashionable leisure.

the Chinohose: the must-have of the season for every man

the chinos for men convince by their fashionable design and versatility and therefore apply in the fashion world as Premiumvarianten for men’s trousers. The eye-catcher of the season you are visually and also their wide color range leaves no wish unfulfilled. In addition to more discreet colours such as black, dark blue or beige there the chinos today in a wide variety of colors. Also the stylish cut makes the uncomplicated Chinohose men’s very popular. This is characterized mostly by the straight leg and the pockets on the sides. Properly styled, the chinos can be worn to most occasions. Leisure look can take the Chinohose in all colours, combined with T-Shirts, long sleeve shirts or Polo shirts make you beat the women’s hearts. On cold days, the trendy chinos with pullover and fashionable leather jackets or cardigans look tasteful. For your business style is combined with all kinds of elegant men’s shoes to the Office-grade outfit, the men’s Chino shirt and jacket. Tie your look for Office or festive occasions is completely refined.

trendy and timeless Chino pants at a reasonable price at bridgat!

Chino pants for men are by their pleasant and lightweight material and a breezy average absolute wellness feeling pants for every day of the “man” may have not enough. Experience the comfort of the trendy Chinohose, as well as the merits of particular lightness and place your sporty and elegant side in scene. Choose your individual favourites in the bridgat online shop and your order reaches you in just a few days!

Stylish Backpacks

Backpacks on – stylish accessories online discover

Handbags were yesterday, for casual city looks, you need be sure at least a backpack to fashionable contest this season. What was attributed to earlier only school children and outdoor enthusiasts, has now risen in the fashion Olympus. In the fashion capitals worldwide backpacks now characterize the townscape and are no longer indispensable as part of hipper everyday looks. The bridgat online shop offers the currently trendy designs of stylish backpacks, which you can order here now.

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Sheets & pads

Bed sheet – important and comfortable

, Sheets are an important utensil in addition to the covers for pillows and duvets to make sleeping comfort. Sheets protect your mattress on the one hand and, depending on the material, offer warmth, breathability or other advantageous features that make for a pleasant sleep. Different variations of the classic plug-in sheet until down to the practical fitted sheets have now been established and are available in the online shop bridgat. Find matching bed sheets in bright colors to your favorite bedding. Our great prices make online shopping a pleasure.


Bed sheets – anything but boring

, The original sheets of linen was eggs scarf colours, relatively stiff and difficult to install on the mattress. In the past you cooked from bed linen also in large kitchen and left hanging them to dry on long washing lines. But fortunately long passé are the days of hard sheets, because today you will find sheets made of easy-care materials which feel pleasantly soft to the skin. Machine and tumble the modern bed linen is practical and versatile at the same time. Because long ago, many colors in the collections of Interior designers have established themselves. How to find the matching bed sheets to your duvet covers at bridgat. Whether you with access to the fitted sheet, with only a few hand movements on the mattress is pulled, or whether you the classic sheets without elastic dear is: We have your new bed sheets in the online shop bridgat!


Bed sheets at bridgat – many colors, sizes and materials

, Our brand for a stylish home is called bpc living. Here you will find many beautiful pieces that make your home into a cosy place, which matches you and your individual taste. At 16bpc living, get colorful bed sheets in different sizes depending on the mattress. Bright red, fresh yellow and discreet black: You alone, decide what color you choose, depending on your bed linen or your own sense of style. We offer cooling Leno, robust Jersey or cuddly fleece sheets. And we provide the right accessories for you. Requirements for the mattress save your document on the one hand and bring also some additional features. Pads made of terrycloth or Molton increase comfort. Mattress clips help you always tightly on the mattress hold the sheets.


Online shopping with bridgat – comfort at a low price

Look in the diverse range of bridgat online stores alone around and select a relaxed to your new bed sheets. Our delivery service brings the new favorite pieces directly to your home. Order!

Swimwear for Boys

Swimwear – convenient styles and great colors

Are swimming trunks for swimming and bathing in the local swimming pool as well as on sandy beaches in the summer. Boys love the water and prefer romp around all day in it. You will now find the matching swim shorts at great prices in our online shop bridgat. Discover comfortable trend pants leg up with pockets or cheerful classics in uni colours, join any movement. Nothing in the way is the pleasure in the cool waters thanks to the careful processing of our materials. Discover our range of beautiful swimwear and bring the colorful must-haves for your kid with just a few clicks straight to your home.

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Discover the selection of Pajamas from bridgat

Promises Pyjama by bridgat – a men’s pleasant nights and one good night’s sleep. Because you can be sure with a men’s Pajamas, you get from us a high-quality product that is particularly high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

On bridgat you find the pyjamas for men in the most varied designs. Our products range from the classic men’s Pyjama with long leg of to short, modern shorties. How about a Shorty with cheeky comic motif, showing Homer Simpson or Snoopy? But the best thing is: are also the prices for a men’s Pajama at bridgat just to dream.

Sports Socks for Men

Mr. stockings for many occasions

bridgat presents a wide range of low-cost Mr stockings. Customers will enjoy Mr and socks in many different colours and lengths. In the online shop of bridgat, we have Mr stockings that fit a smart business suit, as well as men’s socks for leisure time and sports.

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Bodysuits & rompers

The romper – a must for the baby equipment

The Onesie is a must for the baby basic equipment. There are the single-piece baby suits since the 1950s, they come from the United States. In the course of time, rompers were developed for the baby in many practical variants and cuts: rompers there among others with hoods, sleeveless, with buttoned openings in the step or on the shoulders and sleeves. So, parents find the perfect romper suit for their needs – and for every season. In addition to classic Stramplern bridgat offers online among others following baby clothing:

  • bodies
  • Shirtbodies
  • overalls


classic rompers or sleepers offer an especially high wearing comfort through its refined cut
the body suit keeps baby warm and shifted coverlet – or attempts not. Rubber Stoppers simplify getting babies on the sole of the foot. Materials such as cotton, fleece and Nicki are nicely toasty and very easy to clean. So, even baby porridge or milk are light and easily washable. Short-sleeved rompers can be also easily combined with a long-sleeved shirt. So they are suitable for warmer and colder temperatures alike.


Diapers easily switch – thanks to body
The body for babies has no or only very short legs in contrast to the romper. The step, the baby Bodysuit is buttoned, which makes him the perfect piece of clothing, if the baby is wrapped: with just a few hand movements is the body opened and changed the diaper. Regardless whether you access to long-sleeved or short sleeved variant: the body is suitable as practical underwear under other garments as well as sweet top trousers and skirt.


Combination miracle onesie
Colorful patterned rompers, dresses and shirts can be combined particularly well to solid bodies. Who attracts his baby in spring or summer without a further part of the upper body, has access to a body with a funny Animalprint or a decorative collar. So the practical piece of clothing is best. Shirtbodies complete the offer. On these models, the shirt is set off visually from the body, the shirt body but still scores with the practical buttons in step.


Overalls: the romper suit without feet
The jumpsuit also has the subtle properties of the rompers as freedom of movement and comfort. In contrast to the baby rompers, the jumpsuit has often no feet. It is often combined with socks or shoes. Overalls with zippers or button plackets in the chest area provide a quick and easy – in and pulling out. Eng final rib and the overalls lined hooded make an ideal outfit for colder days. In the online shop of bridgat you will find practical baby fashion at surprisingly affordable prices!

Kids Jackets

Kids jackets for boys – colorful children’s clothing for all seasons

The selection of kids jackets for boys in the bridgat online shop offers a suitable look for many wind and weather conditions. Bright colors, cheerful pattern and versatile pieces make the boys jacket a Catcher on the school yard or playground. Practical details such as detachable hoods and removable lining offer flexibility and will make again and again on the new fashion. Water repellent and breathable materials make our kids jackets for boys comfortable favorite pieces, which emphasizes the mood of your little darlings in Sun, storm and rain.

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A design suitable for every woman – nightwear from bridgat

Beautiful and comfortable nightwear is a prerequisite for a healthy and restful sleep. Lightweight nightshirts, warm pajamas, trendy long tops, breezy Shortys – the selection of tasteful nightwear is huge and every woman has their own preferences.

Comfortable Nightgowns on

many like it practical and comfortable and prefer figure-nightshirts, big shirts or Pajamas from skin-friendly and soft materials such as cotton or Jersey for the night. Discover now casual women’s sleepwear in simple and trendy designs, where you completely comfortable.

Are located on the cosy pyjamas from our large bridgat nightwear range

Pajama is one of the classics of nightwear: it consists of a short or long pants and a top and is worn by ladies as well as gentlemen like. Spotted squared, plain, or with striking prints – no matter what fashion look you choose: A women’s Pajamas will keep warm and is extremely comfortable. Warm Pajamas with long pants and long sleeve shirts are suitable for the winter. Cuddly materials such as flannel or Nicki ensures a great fit and keep you warm in cool temperatures. The most Pajama pants have an elastic rubber band and are rather umspielend character. In the summer, practical shorties are a nice alternative to the Nightgown. These trendy short pyjamas consist of a short-sleeved shirt or top with short pants.

Playful women’s Nightgowns for sweet dreams

feminine is the Nightgown; originally by men, is reserved for the female gender’s today. Especially in the summer months, many women prefer a lightweight Nightgown cotton, satin or viscose. The nighties can be simple, elegant, playful, or sporty. The so-called big or long tops, long figure-shirts made of cotton, which are often decorated with trendy prints belong to the sporting models. The lovers of romantic style will gladly opt for playful sleepwear like Nightgowns with Ruffles, Ruffles or lace inserts. However, long Nightgowns from satin or silk with distinctive allover print or even all solid colors without pattern are elegant.

Keep style with sexy nightwear by bridgat

who is seductive and sexy want to dress also during the night, should order unusual sleepwear such as wide-cut, figure-hugging Negligees or beautiful babydolls. Fancy cuts and striking designs make this sleepwear to real Eyecatchers.

Let you surprise yourself by the colourful diversity in our online shop

sleepwear is colorful floral pattern, classic plaids, wild animal prints or bold dots – for ladies today as versatile as never before. Be seduced by a stylish satin Nightgowns, cozy Pajamas or sexy shorts and dress in the evening according to your mood. Opt for practical basics or for special occasions, choose irresistible nightwear.

Jeans for Children

Make jeans for children – versatile trousers for children having fun

Include jeans for children in the closet of each little trendsetter. Jeans are comfortable, easy to clean and in many exciting designs, cuts and colors available, ensuring good mood and versatile for any favorite piece of clothing which can be combined. So, guys prove at school or playing in the leisure fashion consciousness. The comfortable materials, above all the classic denim fabric, provide all day for a comfortable fit and not restrict small explorers when playing or biking. Discover the wide range of great jeans for children in the bridgat Onlineshop!

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Dresses for girls: of fashionable and festive

Dresses are among the most popular items of clothing for girls. Connect magical designs with comfortable fit. Whether with socks or tights and leggings: thanks is diverse materials throughout the year Kleidersaison. The selection of dresses for girls at bridgat presents a wide range for babies, toddlers, kids & teens. With the practical sort, you filter by brand, color, and size. With a few clicks you will receive an offer tailored to your ideas and your child.

Clothes for festive moments

Many girls love to make pretty. This includes a dress in favourite colours in addition to Accessories. At festivities such as family celebrations, trainings or baptisms, an extraordinary dress emphasized that special moment. Delicate materials such as lace, taffeta, tulle, silk viscose and satin details render a solemn touch the clothes. At the same time feels your child like a Princess. The color palette of this dresses for girls includes mainly white, pink and other soft pastel tones. Playful details give the clothes the finishing touches. These include multi-layered skirt panels that give the dress a nice swing. Applications complete the clothes for girls such as flowers or small embroideries. Satin ribbons, grinding or pleats provide also for a cute chic.

Comfortable clothes for girls with eye-catching patterns

With a favorite dress your child cheerfully starts the day. Soft cotton mixtures are on hand to ensure that your child in kindergarten or school feels happy. Comfortable A-line cuts support the urge to move. Dresses for girls in combination with leggings, tights and cardigans are used even for the colder season. Roll collars or warming knitting models also give comfort. The range includes many samples and color variants: playful Paisley, striking graphic patterns, Norwegian style, hearts, flowers, butterflies, animals, streaks or spots of the clothes give an individual note.

The practical side of dresses for girls: sets and functional elements

In the online shop of bridgat, you will discover also colour co-ordinated sets. These include dress, leggings and Bolero. The various parts can take individually or in conjunction with other great pieces of clothing. Also combinations include the selection of dress and scarf or pinafore dress and long-sleeved shirt. Dresses for every day points in addition to their refreshing look with practical details. Small bags, carrier to the buttons, or sweat hooded give the models a high feel-good factor. Go online together with your child on a journey of discovery and take advantage of the low prices of dresses for girls in the online shop of bridgat.

Trekking Shoes

Walking with men’s trekking boots is used not only for relaxation

Walking you can go either far away or you are looking locally, what interesting trekking paths there are in your area. Make better day-long hiking or trekking rather after work or on the weekend a few hours? Walking keeps you in any case! Move not only your body, but you are also relaxed. The right equipment is important of course starting with the trekking shoes for men.

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