Smooth Microfiber bed linen for sweet dreams

We spend a third of the day in bed. Sleep is used above all the rest. Microfiber bed linen supports a restful sleep. The easy-care material flows easily and is very pleasant on the skin. Also, the texture is excellently suitable for elaborate print motifs and ornamental decorations. Microfiber bed linen is much too beautiful to get day in the bedroom under a bedspread. Put the finishing touches to your home with the very visually appealing versions in the online shop and underline the design within your four walls.

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Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen facilities: practical accessories by bridgat

The kitchen is the focal point in many homes. Who love to cook and bake, is certainly a balance to the bustle of everyday life in the kitchen. Kitchen equipment to your furniture and appliances completes the establishment, and the beautiful accessories are practical helpers that are useful in the preparation of food of all kinds. From the breakfast plate to the decorative trash can you will find beautiful pieces which breathe more life into your kitchen and it functional and visually appealing at the same time are in the collections of our bridgat brand. The tiny price in our online shop are the icing on the cake.

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Home Accessories

Home accessories – because it’s your home

With home accessories you emphasize your personal taste, because even your apartment decorated with furniture and decorative objects reflect your style. In the bridgat online shop you will find a wide selection of beautiful home accessories that create a homely atmosphere in many of your rooms and in combination with your furniture. As for the clothing also the matching accessories round off only an ensemble. So you express your individual style with home accessories. Make your home a cozy home lights, decorative elements, seat cushions and other accessories from our range.

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With the appropriate decoration design dream homes

Our home is the place where we feel most comfortable. The establishment reflects preferences and individual taste. While furniture first and foremost have to be functional, decoration and accessories express our personality. Decoration pictures, candlesticks, wall objects, lights and many other accessories adds a unique touch to the room and significantly enriched the atmosphere. There is nothing better than in cold weather to light candles and to enjoy the warm light? A fascinating picture on the wall invites you to dream and has a far cosier than bare walls. Make a funny object or a chain of lights as decoration on a sideboard or a chest of drawers from a piece of furniture a piece of furniture.

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Cheap Watches

Discover attractive and cheap watches online

Who has turned on the clock? Is it really so late? No, it’s never too late for fashionable watches. In our online-shop you find a huge selection of current variants. Regardless of whether sporty or elegant: Here you are guaranteed find it. Our low prices and wide selection of fashionable watches speak for themselves. Have fun browsing. The silicone watches, who enjoy young and old of popularity are a highlight among the watches. These are available in many different colors. Pleasantly nestled the soft material around the joint of the arm and high comfort. Who can not decide for one color of buying several. Women can never have enough silicone watches. And the best: the purse is spared thanks to low prices. Great leather strap watches are an alternative to the silicone watches. This trend watches are of excellent quality. They are quality, which is not to be overlooked. You fit to sporting and send both outfits. Usually, the bracelet in muted colors is available, so that the watch to many different styles can be combined individually. We carry also bracelets to change in our online range. Never get so bored.

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Sleepwear & Underwear

Sleepwear for girls – sweet dreams and great design

A restful night of full of sweet dreams should be followed by an exciting day full of beautiful experiences. Sleepwear for girls in our online shop bridgat ensures cozy comfort in bed. By the sweet Nightgown in great colors up to the comfortable Pajamas you will find a wide selection of comfortable girls underwear for cosy hours in our range to home. The high quality of the materials, such as, for example, fine cotton, ensures that girls all around feel good. Discover our range of great sleepwear for girls with an unbeatable value for money!

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Belts & Bags

Men’s belts as practical accessories for the modern man

Belt for men worn for centuries and are an integral part of the wardrobe of fashion-conscious gentlemen worldwide. The practical leather or fabric belts shall ensure first and foremost that your pants are well seated. In the course of time have men’s belts however become popular accessories and skillfully each clothing style round with only a few steps off. The large selection of men’s belts in many different designs and colors offers the stylish belt which fits to your garments, whether for work or for leisure.

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Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes – favorite pieces for every day

, Shoes are the icing on the cake, that completes an outfit and fashionable versatility makes for many women. Comfortable women’s shoes combine style and comfort and provide a great appearance not only in optical terms. Comfortable shoes offer versatile combinations by bridgat for everyone. Also, the multi-faceted shoes are very comfortable and not restrict itself in a long wearing you. Uncomfortable pressure and aching feet include therefore the past – without having to give up chic footwear. In the online shop of bridgat you will find a nice selection of trendy comfortable shoes at unbeatable prices.

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Bodies – real multi talent

A women’s body is an absolute figure blockbuster. A nice silhouette is shaped by elastic materials and conceals small problem areas. Body must be a ladies but not unattractive. There are numerous sexy models from noble and high-quality materials. How about a body with sexy garters? Bodies are however not only something for underneath. Also fashionable shirt and top – blouses-bodies, that combined resemble the pants or skirt normal upper parts are available.

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Bed Linen of Cotton

Bed linen of cotton – housing variety for your bedroom

Cotton is and remains one of the most versatile textiles, which is used in many areas. Cotton is a popular fabric for bedding, because cotton is easy to clean, sturdy and durable. Different qualities of cotton also offer you the opportunity to select the best cotton bed linen according to season or personal claim. Easy lawn bed linen or satin bed linen create freshness and are pleasant on warm nights, while cuddly Beavers bedding ensures cozy warmth. One is common to all sets: bed linen of cotton in the bridgat online shop offers many tasteful designs at competitive prices. Here you will find high quality cotton satin sleepwear, non-iron seersucker and temperature-regulating renforcé bedding.

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Boys Outfit

On your mark, ready, go: an outfit for boys

In addition to the many great items in the online shop of bridgat, you will discover equally multifaceted sets. The already-completed outfit for boys is available in varied versions. Find chic sets for family celebrations as well as comfortable ensemble from soft Sweatstoff for sports, fun and play. The outfits are optimally matched in terms of design and colors. The purchase of a kit saves money and time and is also an ideal gift. Thanks to the practical sort, filter by size and color and find the perfect outfit for boys with just a few clicks. A further advantage is that the parts can be individually combined.

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Colorful kids pajamas and Nightgowns at bridgat

Kids sleepwear from bridgat – it have children your most beautiful dreams. Because children’s pajamas and Nightgowns by bridgat convince not only with high-quality materials and comfortable cuts, but also a wide variety of popular subjects. On pyjamas, your children will be laughed at by their stars from film and television. And with the favorite star on the breast, it sleeps but much better…

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The Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses – fabulous outfits on bridgat.com

Gorgeous wedding fashion has in our online shop a a wonderful large selection. If it should be coming soon where you find everything you need for a stylish look as a prospective bride for the wedding here. No matter whether it involves the civil ceremony in a small circle or a lavish feast for the church wedding, at bridgat, you’ll find it with security. Let yourself be inspired by magical clothes, shoes and accessories for your Bridal styling to your wedding. Relax and comfort of the domestic couch you can for your big day as a beautiful bride get suggestions rummaging in our wedding fashions-shop and order your favorites with just a few clicks online.

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Short-sleeved Shirts

Short-sleeved shirts – that fashion-conscious men in the leisure wear

In addition to the classical men’s shirt that has always been with a fixed stock of the wardrobe of stylish and successful men, short-sleeved shirts offer a fashionable alternative for leisure. Modern clothing has adapted after the stylistic changes of the last decades the spirit, so that you can see today at your leisure style consciousness. The collections in the bridgat online shop offer you a wide selection of comfortable short-sleeved shirts make your free moments in the life of a pleasure even fashionable. Discover the versatile offer of bridgat!

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The T-Shirt is the manhood perhaps radiating garment par excellence

Finally it was originally worn by sailors. But only in the 1950s it became a classic. Acting legends such as Marlon Brando and James Dean raise the T-Shirt with jeans and a leather jacket to the symbol of a youth is leaning on. At the latest since the 1980s, the T-Shirt is full and recognized quite as everyday clothing. The wide variety of colours and forms and infinite design options make it a varied top for many occasions.

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