Hysterical Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

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Very common among puppies that have not yet been castrated, the hysterical pregnancy or pseudociese can occur anytime during the life of the animal. “This problem is caused by a change in the hormone progesterone, which sends it to the brain of females to calving information, even without having crossed”, explains the team’s trainer, Paulo César Citizen Dog. Continue reading Hysterical Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Music Therapy for Pregnancy Babies

Music therapy is a therapy is made by mixing of sounds, rhythms, harmonies, melodies and bodily movements, studies show that music therapy brings many benefits to our health, since it helps combat stress and anxiety and relax the body. Studies show that music therapy is especially beneficial for the pregnant, because it allows to establish greater communication with your baby.

Music therapy is recommended in pregnancy from the 20th week, when the baby hears and distinguishes the sounds coming from abroad, having a relaxing effect on the baby, stimulating creativity, concentration and coordination. Continue reading Music Therapy for Pregnancy Babies

Women’s Leather Handbag

If you are the type who loves having bags in the closet to always complete the look, one style that can not miss is the women’s leather bag.Even with a huge variety of types of leather handbags, leather is always wild.

And if you are thinking of buying a new model of women’s leather handbag, or ideas of how to use a specific model, the post brings many inspirations and tips to hit the look and accessory!

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Why Do We Need a Sports Bra?

I am aware that it is not yet known the how important it is to use a sports bra in the practice of any physical activity. A good sports bra allows can protect and pack the chest of correctly during exercises that cause more severe chest movements, such as the race for example.

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Jewelry for Hair, Accessories and Hairstyles

When reviewing the fashion trends for the hairstyles of summer 2016, I have seen hairs disheveled, wavy and smooth decorated in various ways.So now I want to direct your attention to the jewelry for the hair 2016, giving your look an extra charm.I have chosen the best fashion accessories, which can help us to accentuate the beauty of our hair. Continue reading Jewelry for Hair, Accessories and Hairstyles

Exercise During Pregnancy Is Good For Mom And Baby

Discover the importance of maintaining the active body while waiting for the arrival of the baby and tips to work out home

Gestation is a magical moment, but also a period when the body undergoes several transformations.Increase in weight, appearance of stretch marks, swollen feet, aches are some of the most common discomforts.

You know, for a long time, to practice physical exercises helps to relieve such uncomfortable and is key to a more peaceful and healthy pregnancy. In addition, brings benefits for baby and also for women after pregnancy. Continue reading Exercise During Pregnancy Is Good For Mom And Baby

Hysterical Pregnancy

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. Almost all feel the desire to be mothers, which is a goal of your life. However, for various reasons, there are women who cannot become pregnant at the time they wish to, or even in no time. When that unconsummated desire is associated with many factors, she may suffer from a psychological disorder called pseudociese, better known as hysterical pregnancy. Continue reading Hysterical Pregnancy

Couple Of Dogs Celebrate Pregnancy With A Beautiful Photo Shoot

The Couple Rue And Ruger Are Part Of The Service Dog Program

Pregnancy is a major event in the life of any person. Is a special moment, filled with joy and love. The family is so excited waiting for new life, have parties, gifts, go visit the parents, who are pampered constantemento with endearments. And this is no different in the canine world. A couple of dogs won a photo session to celebrate the puppies that are waiting. Continue reading Couple Of Dogs Celebrate Pregnancy With A Beautiful Photo Shoot

5 Different Ways to Use Your Strappy Bra

Have you ever heard of strappy bra? This is a piece that is here to stay and steal the scene in your lingerie drawer.

Made with materials of various types, this bra model is characterized by several strips contain and the possibility to leave them on display in looks.

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6 Physical Activities to Practice During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical period, but there are several precautions that should be taken during this period: skin, food, night’s sleep, among others. In this list of the most important are the physical activity on pregnancy, which in addition to helping the mother-to-be in childbirth, assist in the maintenance of way, giving available to them during that period. Continue reading 6 Physical Activities to Practice During Your Pregnancy

Immune Problems That Can Prevent Pregnancy

There are numerous problems that can prevent a woman from getting pregnant and some of them are fortunately immune there are certain treatments that can reverse this situation. Know what we’re talking about.

According to some studies, about 98% of women who have tried to get pregnant and have had spontaneous abortions showed some type of immune problem. In most cases it is possible to be diagnosed with simple tests and conventionally. Although there is always a cause for infertility, this can be investigated and dealt with more than 90% of success. Discover what the most frequent immunological problems, which prevent implantation of the embryo or even cause miscarriages. Continue reading Immune Problems That Can Prevent Pregnancy

Pregnancy: First Trimester

From the moment you get pregnant, the woman will suffer a set of various transformations and feel the manifestation of various symptoms. However, it is normal that this demonstration is different from woman to woman, since while some realize right away that something is different in your body, some just realize with the end of menstruation.

The fertilization occurs the egg by the sperm, the egg. This will move to the uterus, while their cells will multiply in more cells. When it comes to uterine cavity, fixed on your wall.

From here, he will join the wall of the uterus and bloodstream of the mother through the placenta and the umbilical cord. During the first quarter, the embryo will continue to develop until finally taking shape set and have their internal organs formed. At this time the embryo passes the name of a fetus. Continue reading Pregnancy: First Trimester

How To Identify The Psychological Pregnancy In Pets

Castration Is A Procedure That Avoids The Problem Of Psychological Pregnancy In Dogs; Understand The Problem

Unfortunately, the psychological canine pregnancy is quite common in females not castrated. Without a specific cause defined, also known as pseudociese, occurs due to hormonal changes in the body of the female that, even without having had contact with a male, develops the framework in the light of your natural instinct, which is always present in the animals ‘ lives. Some veterinarians believe that it can be hereditary, however, has never been scientifically proven. Continue reading How To Identify The Psychological Pregnancy In Pets