Apple and HTC Included Patent Settlement

After several years of patent war has Apple and HTC now entered into a settlement, as well as a 10-year license agreement.

Apple Inc. and HTC Corp. announced Saturday a patent settlement, as well as a 10-year license agreement, which includes both current and future patents owned by companies. It informs Reuters.

Back in 2010 defendant Apple HTC for use on patents related to Apple’s iPhone. This was Apple’s first major legal assault on an Android manufacturer.

The specific terms of the agreement are not yet published, but according to Reuters is Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook happy to have found a solution.

Also HTC’s ceo, Peter Chou, says his company is glad the problem is loose, so that instead can focus up innovation instead of lawsuits.

Microsoft: Our tablet sells fine

Microsoft Surface is yet to come for sale on the Danish market, but abroad it’s going fine, according to Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft Surface is starting to land on store shelves abroad, but Microsoft has not yet would disclose sales figures for this.

Now, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, however, has been out with a less utterance about how things are going with the sales of the new tablet.

For the French paper Le Parisien, Microsoft has, however, stated that the sale goes moderately Director.

Here at home, we must still stand pending back after the new tablet from Microsoft, who have not yet published some details of launch or price in Denmark.

T-Mobile Provides iPhone 5 Blamed for Customer Flight

Mobile carrier T-Mobile has submitted their results for the third quarter of this year, showing a huge customer flight – iPhone 5 is blamed.

Which American mobile operator T-Mobile has submitted their results for the third quarter of this year, which shows the phone company has lost about half a million customers.

The reason is, according to T-Mobile, the company does not sell the new iPhone 5 with subscription. The company has made calculations showing that they have lost 492,000 customers in the United States. It writes our site. Continue reading T-Mobile Provides iPhone 5 Blamed for Customer Flight

32 GB Nexus 7 Now Ready for Denmark-See the Price Here

Google Nexus 7 by Asus is ready with 32 GB of memory to the Danish customers. See the price here.

As of this week is the Asus and Google ready with Nexus 7 with 32 GB of internal memory to the Danish customers.

This means that the 8 GB and 16 GB versions will be phased out by the Danish market, and 32 GB version thus becomes the smallest and only model which is officially for sale at home.

It also means that prices are changing and the 32 GB model takes over the price of 1,999 dollars. It illuminates the Asus Nordic to our site.

As far as the 32 GB with 3 g so can Asus not yet comment on price and availability here at home.

Our Site It Was a Mistake to Dismiss Lumia 920

Our site blacksmith Nokia out and turned the Lumia 920 back. But it was an error, telling both TDC and Nokia’s ceo Steven Elop.

Just over a month ago, got the shopping and souscheferne in our site’s stores the message that could not be the conclusion of a satisfactory agreement with Nokia for 4. on a quarterly basis.

More specifically, it meant an end to all planned campaign activities around the Nokia phones, procurement was cancelled and the 920 Lumia would not be negotiated, of the country’s largest telecommunications company. Continue reading Our Site It Was a Mistake to Dismiss Lumia 920

ASUS Cheats Danish Nexus 7 Customers

Are you sitting with a Nexus 7 purchased after the 29. October and feel cheated by Asus, so it is with good reason.

Asus has launched the new 32 GB version of the Nexus 7, but the price is still the same as the previous 16 GB model, giving dissatisfied customers.

That is why the Asus and Google each launched a smaller patch of customers ‘ wounds.

For those customers who have purchased their Nexus 7 with 16 GB through Google Play, gives the company 50 dollars return to customers who bought the device after the 14. October. Continue reading ASUS Cheats Danish Nexus 7 Customers

Samsung Sitting on Android, Nokia Believes

Interview: On Android, it is hard to stand out, particularly when a single producer, sits on most of the platform, says Nokia.

Nokia said two years ago, no thanks to Android. Instead, it was Windows Phone and the cooperation with Microsoft that was supposed to breathe new life into the ailing Finnish company.

Steven Elop, Nokia’s Chief Executive, last week visited Copenhagen, where he made it clear that it is difficult to stand out on the Android platform.
-“Our concern two years ago was that it would be difficult to differentiate itself, and clearly step out from the crowd quickly enough,” said Steven Elop. Continue reading Samsung Sitting on Android, Nokia Believes

Save the Wrapper It May Be Your New Dock

Apple has applied for a patent that will make it possible to use sales boxes as the docking station.

Docking accessories has had great success with Apple’s customers all over the world, but soon they can get competition from Apple itself.

According to a new patent that Apple has applied for, the company will transform the traditional sales boxes for docking stations.

The idea is not entirely new as several user already has found a way to utilize the sales box at, which can be seen in the video below.

What is new is, however, that the sales box not only to act as a dock, but must also act as passive audio amplifiers. It writes our site.

How far we get to see a real product based on the patent application, or the patent will remain only the future will tell.

iZettle Now Receive Back VISA Card

After several months of uncertainty iZettles customers can again receive VISA card.

Many Danish iZettle customers were hard hit as the payment service in July announced that they could no longer receive VISAS and VISA Dankort.

Zettle is a payment service makes it possible to take against payment with credit card and credit card with an iPhone, iPad or Android devices selected.  Continue reading iZettle Now Receive Back VISA Card

Apple Allows the Use of the Passbook at the Apple Store

Apple makes it possible for users to add digital Apple Store Gift card for Passbook app and pay through it at the Apple Store.

Apple finally supports their own Passbook application. People receiving digital Apple Store Gift card via email can now add these to their Passbook application and use them in their local Apple store. It writes our site.

Gift cards can be sent via the Apple Store application, which is not available in Denmark, or via Apple’s website – they must be added to the Passbook, this must be sent via email. Continue reading Apple Allows the Use of the Passbook at the Apple Store

Celebrities to Sell Windows Phone 8

Microsoft rates on Windows Phone 8 and has just released two new commercials, where well known shows their Windows Phone.

During the final presentation of Windows Phone 8 was Jessica Alba on stage in San Francisco, along with Microsoft’s own delegation. Now she also participates in the new video.

In the video she shows the things she thinks are smart at the Windows Phone and highlights, among other things, Kids Corner, as her children love to play with and she is happy for the separate compartments, which prevents the delete messages or similar.

Microsoft has also been the singer Gwen Stefani to star in a video for Windows Phone 8, where she highlights Live Tiles, as some of it she loves when her Windows Phone 8.

You can view the videos below, which also displayed a video with Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer.

HTC Desire X – Super Mid Android Phone (Mobile Test)

TEST: HTC Desire X is a super good mid-range smartphone with dual-core CPU, Android 4.0 and Beats Audio.

When you first time take a look at the HTC Desire X, can one’s immediate thought well be: “yet a mainstream Android phone that looks like all the others.”

Design-wise resembles Desire X also very about many other Android devices, but when the content first unfold, shows a slightly different world.

HTC Desire X is outside a “classical” Android phone. Our test copy is black, as the majority of smartphones is today. It has the obligatory three touch-buttons on this unit are: “Back”, “Home” and “Program Overview.” Continue reading HTC Desire X – Super Mid Android Phone (Mobile Test)

How to Get Life in a frozen Nokia Lumia 920

TIP: If your Lumia 920 deadlock then you can force a restart. Here we tell how you are doing.

All smartphones can from time to time end on a cul-de-sac, where nothing works and than not off button, can shut the phone down.

Should this happen on Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8, who enforced a restart/reset.

This is done by holding down the “Volume down” + “Power” inside at the same time. Hold down the buttons until the Lumia 920 restarts. We have verified the procedure, which, moreover, do not delete the content on the device.

Nokia Lumia 920 has a built-in battery of 2,000 mAh that cannot be removed by the user. Therefore, it is also not possible to remove the battery to restart it.

Coming Soon with a Apple iPhone 5S?

RUMOR: according to Chinese Commercial Times start test production of iPhone 5S. The supposed to come before the autumn of 13.

Chinese Commercial Times is reporting that Apple will begin test production of iPhone 5S already in the month of December. It writes our site.

It means also that the launch cycle, which has been since iPhone 4S, where the new iPhones are coming in the fall, will be broken.

Commercial times also believe that Apple will be able to commence full production in the first quarter of 2013. Thus it will easily be able to get launch before the summer, as was also the case with the first iPhones.

Our site believes, however, that the Commercial Times has a “tarnished” reputation and thus consider it likely that the rumors don’t hold water.

There are no official announcements from Apple.

Film Director: Telecommunications Industry Must Support the Film

Danish film director believes that the telecom industry should support around the ailing economy in the Danish film.

The Danish film director Christina Rosendahl reaches out to the telecommunications industry in the hope that it can help to help Danish film out of the economic crisis. It writes our site.

Telecommunications industry earns money by their customers download movies and stream movies, whether legally or illegally, while the film industry is the loser. Continue reading Film Director: Telecommunications Industry Must Support the Film

Onfone Police Notified for Misleading Advertising

Onfone has been police notified by the Consumer Ombudsman, because they impose on creation fee, even though they are advertising “no fees”.

In the spring of 2012 drove telecommunications company Onfone a large marketing campaign with television commercials, with Lars Bom as figurehead.

In the advertisements was the main message, that with Onfone was no fees. It was, among other things, highlighted in the advertisement with phrases like:”there are no fees For booking at Onfone” and “Onfone – everything included. Sentence!”

But it was quick, and had magnifying glass promotion, could be half way in the advertisement read, with lowercase letters to new customers were charged a creation fee of 99 dollars.

The Consumer Ombudsman considers is a misleading of consumers and therefore the company, writes reviewer police Consumer Ombudsman in a press release.

Onfone have opposite Consumer Ombudsman stated that it is prepared to pay a fine.

Game Comes into Focus in the Next Windows Phone Version

Microsoft is seeking in job advertisements for new developers and testers for upcoming Windows Phone versions, with a focus on gaming.

Microsoft searches via ads new employees who will help to develop the next version of Windows Phone. The successor to Windows Phone 8.

It seems that the development of the next version of Windows Phone, still only in the planning stage. Especially if one takes the wording of one job posting literally: Continue reading Game Comes into Focus in the Next Windows Phone Version