Get the Music from the Smart Phone Wirelessly Through the Car Speakers (Product Tests)

TEST: You can take advantage of the music player in your smartphone for Internet radio as well as Spotify in the car. It requires Car Stereo Clip, which we have tested.

Our smartphones is filled with music and access to streaming services like our site and Tunein Radio, but in the car it becomes awkward to take advantage of these opportunities, we will find ourselves in with less wires to the AUX connector on the car radio.

HTC has produced a small universal solution fixer this problem. The name is Car Stereo Clip AUX (HTC Car A100). Continue reading Get the Music from the Smart Phone Wirelessly Through the Car Speakers (Product Tests)

Apple’s App Store Rounds Milestone

The app Store has just rounded a million registered applications – however, they are not any longer available in the apps store.

According to our site, so Apple now has rounded a million signed up for applications in the apps store since it was launched in July 2008.

The million includes all iOS apps that have been in the App Store for iPad and iPhone since opening, but not the applications that are in the Mac App Store.

According to Appsfire has the numbers, then there are 736,247 applications in the App Store, which now can be downloaded. 336,270 of these is payment applications and 120,065 is games.

Appsfire posted a tweet that milestone was just around the corner for Apple and The Next Web has now confirmed that it is reached.

Mobile Operating System from Firefox Ready in 2013

Next year comes the first smartphones on the market with the Web-based operating system from Firefox.

Mozilla is weak on the mobile platforms, which need to be changed for next year when they are ready with their own operating system for smartphones, Firefox US. It writes our site.

This means that they go into direct competition with Google Android, Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone from Microsoft. Continue reading Mobile Operating System from Firefox Ready in 2013

Google Will Now Also be Telecom Company

Techno lodging-giant is in talks about getting access to a mobile network in the United States so that they also can sell telecommunications subscriptions.

Google is behind, Android, which is the world’s most widely used operating system for smartphones, the popular Nexus tablets and smartphones, the world’s most-used search engine on the Internet, the Chrome browser and much more. But it is not enough. Continue reading Google Will Now Also be Telecom Company

More Mobile Subscriptions Than Danes

The Danes are diligent customers of telecommunications companies. Many have started in more than one SIM card, show the latest figures.

Many Danes have more than one SIM card, and thus a commitment on the part of their telephone company that includes more than just a single mobile phone.

For the first half of the year 2012 has Business Agency calculated that there are 8,285 million mobile subscriptions in Denmark, including data solutions and prepaid cards. It is similar to a half SIM card per Dane, measured on the total population at just over 5.5 million. Continue reading More Mobile Subscriptions Than Danes

We Are Wild with Internet and aPps on Smart Phone

Smartphones used now quite actively for applications and internet use. Transferring data as never before.

We are using more and more our smartphone, there has been a Swiss army knife of internet intensive applications and opportunities.

The latest figures from the Commercial Agency shows that we are very excited to use the smart phone as a internetdevice.

In the first half of 2012 was via smartphones 6.48 petabytes of data transferred. It is similar to 6.8 billion megabytes, or what may be on 6,569 external hard drives on one terabyte per Bill. Continue reading We Are Wild with Internet and aPps on Smart Phone

Google Maps for iOS Is Tested before the Apple Approval

Google is in the process of the last test of a Maps app for iOS, before it is sent for approval by Apple, writes the newspaper.

Several people outside of Google has been testing access to the search giant remains undisturbed Maps app for iOS.

It tells a source “with direct knowledge of the matter” according to the our site.

Google is putting the finishing touches on the application before it is sent to the App Store approval by Apple, adds the source, but it is still uncertain exactly when this will happen. Continue reading Google Maps for iOS Is Tested before the Apple Approval

Microsoft Promise: Long Life for Windows Phone 7.x

Windows Phone 8 is the future of Microsoft, but the old 7.x version will continue for a while yet for low-cost mobiles.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest shot at Microsoft-the tribe, but the old version will not be left in the lurch.

A new update of Windows Phone 7-IE version 7.8-is on the way, and that’s not going to go long before the public can have more details.

-“We have more to tell about 7.8 in the coming weeks,” said Terry Myerson, vice President for Microsoft’s Windows Phone Division, for our site. Continue reading Microsoft Promise: Long Life for Windows Phone 7.x

WIMP Provides Free, Unlimited and Commercial-Free Music-Provisional

Now anyone with a computer and NET connection free stream millions of songs from music service Wimp without paying a penny. Restrictions, however, are on the way.

Music services are a hit at the moment, and now go Wimp to assault on competitor Spotify by also offering a free version of the product.

This means that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can stream the service’s 18 million songs free of charge. You will have access to the music via mobile and tablet, you should buy a Premium subscription for 99 dollars per month. Continue reading WIMP Provides Free, Unlimited and Commercial-Free Music-Provisional

Let Your Old Cell Preventing Children’s Accidents and Save Lives

Child accident fund is behind a collection of old mobiles, which must prevent child accidents and help save lives in Africa.

4 out of 5 Danes have one or more cell phones lying in the drawer, as they do not use. This is shown by a new study conducted by the Child Accident Fund has created.

So instead of storing the old cell phones in the tray, you can now donate them to advantage both for children’s safety and the environment. Behind the collection stands Child Accident Fund and EMC. Continue reading Let Your Old Cell Preventing Children’s Accidents and Save Lives

Random Rebooting on Windows Phone 8-Units

Users are reporting problems on the restart Lumia 920 and HTC 8 x. Microsoft, Nokia and HTC are trying to identify the error.

Users who have one of the new phones with Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 920 or Windows Phone 8 x by HTC, are reporting random reboots and battery problems. It writes our site.

The restart problems exist in users of both Windows Phone 8 x by HTC and Nokia Lumia 920, but users of Nokia’s top model Lumia 920 joins also about battery problems.
Continue reading Random Rebooting on Windows Phone 8-Units

Lumia 920 Gets Nokia’s Stock to Rise

Sales of Lumia 920 goes so well that it has been Nokia’s stock to rise by whole 5.5 percentage points.

The top model from Nokia, Lumia 920, is yet to come for sale here at home, but the sale of the device goes really well on the markets where it now is available.

The announcement that Lumia 920 was sold out in Germany, got the Nokia stock to increase with 5.5 percentage points. It writes our site.

The website our site also writes that sales in the United States, according to their sources, have been “better than expected” and the right now is the best selling phone with AT & T.

Nokia itself has not yet released any official figures about the sale of the new top model, but it is exciting about Lumia 920 again get Nokia back on top of the mobile industry.

Fake Apple Apps in Google Play

Several users report that they’ve spotted fake apps in Google Play, pretending to be from Apple.

If you like Android-user has been pleasantly surprised to find apps from Apple in Google Play, then you might consider it an extra time before you pay and download.

Apps that apparently comes from “Apple Inc” has been spotted in Google Play. It is, among other things, about the “Garage Band”, which usually is written: “Garage band”, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and Page, writes our site.

Applications is pretending to be from Apple, and the price is also the same as in Apple’s App Store.

It remains on the applications contain a virus or malware, so it is highly recommended that you refrain from downloading these.

Tip: How to Find the New Netflix Movies

The selection of movies on Netflix is huge-see here how you form you an overview of all news on Netflix.

The selection of movies on Netflix is huge and a little depending on one’s player, so it can be quite confusing to get an overview of all the new titles as weekly comes online on film service.

Fortunately, you can relatively easily get an easy overview of all the new movies and TV shows using the Netflix RSS list.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it easy to subscribe to the list of new movies, and via RSS the list you get a quick overview of all the news. Continue reading Tip: How to Find the New Netflix Movies

Leak: New Photos of Huaweis Ascend W1

New pictures have emerged of Huaweis probably upcoming Windows Phone 8, Ascend W1.

In October we could show the first image by Huaweis upcoming Windows Phone 8-unit: Ascend W1.

It was therefore with great disappointment that Huawei has not presented a Windows Phone 8-unit, at the presentation of Windows Phone 8, as was the case with Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

Now has an official from Huawei published new photos of Ascend W1 in a tweet, writes our site. The picture shows a white and a blue variant.

We do not yet know so much about the device, but it supposed to come with the following specifications:

-1.2 GHz dual-core CPU
-4 “screen at 800 x 480 megapixels
-5 megapixel camera
-2000 mAh battery


Surface-Users Complain about Useless Wi-Fi connection

Microsoft Surface-tablet has trouble keeping the connection via Wi-Fi. The software giant promises to take a closer look at the problem.

It is a greater challenge to get on the net via Wi-Fi with Microsoft’s new Surface-tablet, since it cannot stay connected to the network.

So reads the message from marveled Surface-customers in a thread on a Microsoft support forum, write our site.
Continue reading Surface-Users Complain about Useless Wi-Fi connection

Rumor: Another Windows Phone Version after 7.8?

Rumor has it that perhaps comes yet another Windows Phone 7-version for WP 7.8.

Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices, such as our site. Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, was perhaps a tad disappointed when it came to light that the Windows Phone 8 was not compatible with their device.

Microsoft came to the rescue, however, those with a future update to Windows Phone 7, that of appearance should remind a lot about Windows Phone 8.

Now rumors know that Windows Phone 7 might not be the last major update to the “old” Windows Phone 7 devices.

Our site has via knowledge of a document that allegedly were to be leaked from Nokia.

The document is at 25 pages, and as can be seen from the picture, there will be probably a Windows Phone version, after WP 7.8 – so far, however, only called the Windows Phone 7.x.

The document reveals no further details about the upcoming update.