Skype Hit by Security Problems

New security problems on Skype makes it possible to hack an account using the e-mail address that is associated with the account.

The big social media Skype is now again hit by security problems. This time it is known e-mail addresses that can be exposed to attack. It writes our site.

If the wrong hands were to get access to your mail-address, which is associated with your Skype, you might as well say goodbye to the account.

The site The Next Web has written about the problem and subsequently contacted Skype.

The best way to ensure his Skype-account should be, to make a heavy e-mail or change its current.

When the problem will be solved is not known now.

Wi-Fatboy-Charger Does Not Work Only for Nokia

You’ve fallen for the wireless Fatboy-charger, but dreaming of, for example, the Nexus 4 instead of Lumia 920 – then fear not.

Are you burned hot on the wireless charger from Fatboy, which right now is launched and marketed with Nokia Lumia 920, then you should not necessarily invest in a Nokia Lumia 820 or 920.

The wireless Fatboy charger works also with, among other things, the Android phone Google Nexus 4 by LG, which comes in the Danish shops for the Christmas trade.

Nexus 4 also supports the Wireless charging standard Qi (WPC). Fatboy-pillow comes in five different colors, so you can choose the one you think best suits your phone of the variants; Black, cyan, red, white, and yellow.

The charger can be purchased from the 16, according to several webshops. November and costs around 629 dollars.

HBO Nordic-Chief: We’ll Start Slowly up Today

The head of HBO Nordic report out that streaming service starts slowly up today, however, we Danes wait a bit yet.

HBO Nordic start up slowly, their streaming service up in the Nordic countries today, where Norway is the first country that gets opened for the signal. It confirmed Peter Ekelund, head of HBO Nordic, yesterday at the Conference Digital Winners in Norway.
Continue reading HBO Nordic-Chief: We’ll Start Slowly up Today

Google Nexus 4 City LG Ready for Christmas Trade in Denmark

Nexus 4 from LG when on the shelves with more Danish mobile dealers so it is ready for the Christmas trade and may fall under the Christmas trees.

Nexus 4 by LG is Google’s phone launch of Android 4.2 that will display the latest software from Google and it will be the first Android phone on the market with the newest version of Jelly Bean. Continue reading Google Nexus 4 City LG Ready for Christmas Trade in Denmark

Work Culture: Apple Copy Google-Concept

Apple will try to hold on to its employees, with great working and discount schemes.

Apple now copies a concept that in a long time has been used with competitor Google.

With Google employees in 20 percent of working time could work on their own projects. It has according to our site provided many good results, who is finishing out in, among other things, Google Reader, News and Gmail. Continue reading Work Culture: Apple Copy Google-Concept

Is Apple on the Way down from the Top?

Multiple networks-media speculating on whether Apple has reached the top and are on the way down.

Has Apple topped? Are they on the way down? Have they lost the spark after Steve Jobs is away?

Speculation is many and on multiple network media is written merrily about Apple and about Apple’s “career”.

On one of the big tech pages, our site, specifies Stephen Schenck four reasons why Apple is on its way down. Continue reading Is Apple on the Way down from the Top?

Operate Your Smartphone in Winter Cold

The company Sandberg follows last year’s success up with a new, nearly identical, version of the Touch Screen Gloves.

Manufacturer Sandberg is trying again this year to make life easier for the Danes in the winter cold, with touchscreen gloves, so your smartphone can continue to be operated in the coming winter cold.

In practice, there is not much difference at last year’s model and the new. The gloves works via electric fabric which is woven into the glove.

Sandberg announces in their press materials, that the new gloves have been polar-fleece, in contrast to last year’s model in wool.

The price was supposed to be the half compared to last year’s model, according to Sandberg. According to the website are prices from 99 dollars and up to 129 dollars.


Android Dominates the Smartphone Market

Android has now achieved something close to world domination and latest figures show 90 percent market share in China.

In the past year there has been a surge of Android smartphones on the market and the trend looks in the third quarter does not seem to stop.

According to the different known analysis firm our site’s mobile sales in the third quarter of 2012 decreased by three percent compared with the third quarter of 2011.

On the other hand, smartphone sales in the same period increased by 46.9 percent, today to be up at 39.6 percent of the total mobile phone sales worldwide.

Out of the 39.6 per cent stands Android for 72.4 percent of total smartphone sales worldwide, which in the same period last year “only” was at 52.5 percent. Continue reading Android Dominates the Smartphone Market

Connect with OMAP Processors in Your Smartphone

The big chip maker Texas Instruments stops production of smartphone chips for the private market.

In all smartphones have a heart, as “turns” to drag the entire universe we get up on the screen, but soon it’s over with hearts from Texas Instruments.

The company’s OMAP processors that often has been used in various mobile devices, among other things, Samsung and Motorola products, now being phased out of production. It writes our site.

The company has in a public statement explained that they will cut down on costs, and thus dismiss 1,700 employees worldwide.

Texas Instruments says that the reason for production changes are more and more smartphone manufacturers elect to develop their processor chips.

Texas Instruments will continue to produce the processor chips for business-oriented products, there is only talk about production stops to the private market.

How Will the Huawei Lure Danish Customers in the Store

Chinese Huawei rates in earnest on the Danish market. Speed, build quality and battery efficiency is among the key words.

Danes demand smartphones from Huawei, and therefore the Chinese manufacturer will continuously expand the product range at the Danish base.

Such sounds lifted from Huaweis new country Manager, Xiao Binbing, in an interview on our site. Continue reading How Will the Huawei Lure Danish Customers in the Store

Danish Success: Click A Taxi Expands in Europe

Click A Taxi now also offers taxi-booking in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

The Danish company behind the success Click A Taxi, now extends its network to cover Germany, Austria Switzerland and Spain.

Thus, more than 230 million people in Europe now have the possibility to order a taxi via Click A Taxi.

Click A Taxi has had huge success in record time. It is only a year since their first application came on the street and since then the concept has become very popular in many places. Continue reading Danish Success: Click A Taxi Expands in Europe

Steve Wozniak: Do You Think Microsoft Is More Innovative Than Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, is worried that Microsoft has been more innovative than Apple.

At TEDx in Brussels our site spoke with one of the original co-founders of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak also known as Woz.

Here he expressed concern for Apple’s development, and especially the lack of innovation.

Steve Wozniak believes that Microsoft has brought some innovative things on the pitch.

-“Wow – they have changed things dramatically — they do not go the same way as the other – in other words, the iPhone and Android,” said Wozniak.

As he sees it, Microsoft has been in the last few years in laboratories and conceived new ideas, while Apple has focused on more, to get even an iPhone on the street, and thus has fallen behind.

And it worries Steve Wozniak, who according to him even love Apple.

Google Expands Security of Google Play with Android 4.2

Google improves security for Android users now with new security features in Android 4.2.

The 13. November was the Google Nexus 4 by LG and Google Nexus 10 city Samsung set for sale in Google Play, both with it just in case they have Android 4.2 and thus also improved app security.
One of the criticisms of Android has long been the large amount of malware that slips through the various security measures and which infects the devices, but it must now be over mean Google.
In Android 4.2 have Google for implemented a malware scanner is automatically turned on to warn the consumer of malicious software. Continue reading Google Expands Security of Google Play with Android 4.2

New Speakers Should Hijack the iPhone 5-Customers

iPhone 5-owners will need to use an adapter to put your phone in old speaker docks. JBL, however, is trying to entice with new products.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 two months ago, they also introduced a new and less connection on the bottom of the unit where the charger and other accessories can be connected.

The new dock-connector-as Apple calls for Lightning-means that old iPhone accessories are not compatible with the iPhone 5 without an adapter. Continue reading New Speakers Should Hijack the iPhone 5-Customers

Steve Ballmer Criticizes the Android and iOS

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer goes to attacks against Android and iOS, and Android called for wild and uncontrolled.

-“The Android operating system is” wildly and unchecked “, ” that was the last Wednesday from Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer at a Conference in Santa Clara in a conversation with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffmann.

Steve Ballmer also claimed that Android is all too vulnerable to malware, but it was far from the only Android which was featured critical of Steve Ballmer, who also was after iOS. It writes our site.

Apple’s ecosystem iOS called Ballmer for “expensive and very controlled”, and he noted that an iPhone can cost upwards of 1,000 dollars to acquire in some countries.

Ballmer also said he believes Windows Phone is located in the midst of it all and brings together “the best of the two worlds”.

Radio Play DK-Radio on the Personal Way

Danish radio stations have joined forces to provide a new and personal radio app for iOS and Android.

You probably know to our site and TuneIn Radio, both applications provides you with countless radio options, but now is a new Danish application is ready to take a stand on a more personal level.

Radio Play DK is designed to give the Danes a personalized radio experience.

With Radio Play DK is it possible to put together similar music based on artists, bands and singer, the result is a completely personal radio channel. Continue reading Radio Play DK-Radio on the Personal Way

How to Get Personal Radio-Also on Windows Phone 8

TEST: Spotify is missing on Windows Phone 8, but there are alternatives. We have tested one of these, also available for iPhone and Android.

It’s not all popular applications, which yet is ready for Windows Phone 8, and the popular music streamingtjeneste our site is one of them, that lets wait on it.

My personal need for our site, however, has not been very large and not at all after I have found an application that covers my needs – namely, an application that make radio for me! Continue reading How to Get Personal Radio-Also on Windows Phone 8