Most Popular USB Flash Drives

USB flash drive. Equipment, without which about anyone who works on a computer with a larger amount of data and can not do. Whether you stick you use frequently or just once in a while, we bring you this article, where you encounter the incredible design USB stunts. They are disguised USB drives, which you might even not think they eventually turns out to be a USB flash drive.

Maybe you know it, you’re sitting at a computer with a colleague or a friend, and he pulls out of his pocket should be lighter, pencil, Spiderman, Simpson et al., USB sticks into the comp and you pull data. I personally prefer the smallest and most ordinary USB sticker, and do not interfere with what is available on the keys that I wear every day together.

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How to Choose New Pillows

We spend in a dream almost a third of his life, and that means we have to take care of it during the relaxation of our entire body but also the soul. So we are restoring in full force and collect maximum energy for tomorrow. So, they are comfortable pillows help us relax true, but there are other important elements in our bedroom, like mattresses, bedding and so on.

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Designer Wall Clocks for Sale

Some people do not even use the wrist and who is asked at every moment “watch that is now?” The time is marked, tells us the smartphone, the latest model of Swatch or even a furnished house wall precisely with a wall clock that can give the room a touch of refinement, between art and design. 

Timepieces from analog or digital wall, inspired by nature, a kind of diverse objects, to abstract concepts or mathematics.There are very specific and, sometimes, with double function: the watch-coat hook, for example.

En Suspend of Diamantini & Domeniconi  is a functional object and playful. Practical for hanging clothes, scarves and towels. It ‘available in a multitude of colors and a chic version in 24 carat gold! Founded in 1965, the famous Italian Diamantini and Domeniconi reinvents the traditional watch company cooperating with many international designers. € 64.00 on .

Extreme and economic minimalism with “LITTLE BIG TIME”. Two hands on the wall, white, black, auburn, gold or aluminum by 17 Euro or so, on Amazon.

TIME2BEE is fun and colorful, a timepiece hive steel. The yellow and black bee, hanging from the minute hand moves quiet between the cells. White or black or yellow 3D wall clocks on the website to  € 225.00.


Diamantini & Domeniconi draw Butterfly, a nice wall timepiece, very bucolic. Tic-toc and flying butterflies. 130 Euros approximately, of Dalani and .

And for the nursery can not miss a design wall clock George Nelson for Vitra. Zoo Timers is a model with multi-color printing that enables small to learn to read the time in a playful and cheerful. Fernando The Fish, Omar The Owl, Elihu The Elephant on MOHD € 111.00.

“Knowing the time is not enough!” Is the slogan of Foam of Dekoidea! 3D adhesives Watches, trendy, fun and contemporary. Apply wall creatively and easily in seconds and can be removed whenever you want. 3D Contemporary, € 22.90 up.

Very cold, but very chic, it is the wall clock or digital support and led. The atmosphere is super contemporary and glowing effect is absolutely interesting. Around 100 Euro on

HORM.IT  presents a  perfect fit six solid wooden slats: Woodclock is the metaphorical plot of daily tasks. It can be wall-mounted in 12 different positions and is designed to enhance a clock with its elegance the walls, giving them life and movement.

CLOCK DELAY is a stainless steel wall clock and costs € 1,560.90, because it is a true work of art. The manufacturer is Bloomming. Design by Bas van Leeuwen, Mireille Meiji.

Absolutely beautiful.

What to Wear Leggings With

Leggings are no longer attribute the tender age girls as it was in the distant eighties. Today it is a practical and stylish garment that can successfully be combined with any of the things. A variety of styles, colors and textures allows you to compose original sets.

The Combination of Colors and Patterns

The principle is simple: if the leggings with print, then wear their best with a simple top that would not violate the harmony of combinations. But monotonous bottom can not afford to arbitrarily flooded.
Defiantly lehincy look with animal print. But what to put on top? Try black or white tunic. Top matches the color of one of the nuances of animal prints will also be very useful.

To emphasize aggressiveness chosen style is shod boots or shoes at very high heels or a solid platform.

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Adidas Backpack Reviews

For sport, leisure, school or even “just” every day, the Adidas backpacks, almost always accompany generations of young and old alike, ensuring maximum comfort and top performance!

But which models of Adidas backpacks available and how to choose the right one? Let’s go find out.

Adidas is one of the best known and appreciated brands, sports and amateur level, with a story that began in 1924, in a small town in Bavaria, where Adolf, known as “Adi”, the young son of the Shoemaker Asler, began by sheer passion to create craft level in the laundry room of mother Pauline, of the sports shoes.

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HTC One M9 Reviews

HTC One M9 could be available in a version with SoC Mediatek, according to what reported in past hours by the Chinese website Still not clear what type of SoC Mediatek will use (Helio X 10 or X 20 SoCs candidates), while it will be broadly unchanged the remaining hardware profile for the device.

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How to Choose a Hiking Backpack

Choosing a backpack is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Since it is not exactly cheap, you will probably buy another for each activity. And that’s why you need to think carefully about what you actually want a backpack according to Digopaul.

First of all, for you will depend on how big it should actually be a backpack. According to the size of the bags can be divided into three sizes.

Small backpacks

The first category is small backpacks, which are ideal example to the city, or short trips. Their volume normally fluctuates between 15 to 30 liters, but always depending on individual producers. You should focus primarily on the weight and compactness, but also on the capacity, which is not in small backpacks too large.

Fall into this category and backpacks on a bike , for which you should ask possibility to attach helmet . It should keep you well on your back, be streamlined and allow ventilation back. At the same time cyklobatohu choose colorful design with reflective elements that provide much greater security.

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What to Look for When Buying a Backpack

In any excursion or tour in the mountains and we need a backpack to carry the essentials that can serve as suitable clothing to the location and season, food and drink, you need to find your way (map and compass), and a first aid kit. Of course you’re going away for several days must be the biggest backpack. We would like to help you in the choice of the backpack that suits you by listing the basic features.


According to the bag inventor, the ability of a backpack is measured in liters. For day trips usually simply a backpack up to 30 litres, if you want to make a trip to shelters for several days you will need to arm yourself with a backpack with 40/50 litres volume around, if you want to spend nights in tents sleeping on amattress, and a stove for cooking, then we will need a backpack of at least 60 liters.

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Choose a Backpack for Hiking

All lovers of the great outdoors, hiking and biking tours, they know how important it is to use a good hiking backpack model, to always have everything you need during their excursions, both extremely short and longer ones. 

To make sure you choose hiking backpack best suits your needs, you have to have a clear idea about the kind of activities that we intend to carry out. For short hikes, lasting at most a few days, just a backpack from thirty liters.

Conversely, if the excursion should be longer, then you should equip themselves with a backpack by at least 60 liters, while taking into account the fact that in summer may still be enough one small backpack, while in winter there will definitely need a backpack with more available space.

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Eastpak Backpack Review

The Eastpak is a real must have in terms of accessories, bags, backpacks and purses. Trendy, but at the same time suitable for every occasion, the backpack Eastpak (often written erroneously Ispac) for more than 30 years continues to be top brand manufacturers of backpacks.

The new collection of backpacks Eastpak is particularly rich: many models available in over 100 colours. The line is, as always, characterized by unique design templates, but the new collection offers beside the traditional models like the classic rucksack padded backpack 1976 class models from more modern line. All backpacks provide comfort, convenience, capacity and maximum comfort thanks to the comfortable ergonomic shoulder straps, suspenders and all absolutely backs.

Eastpak rucksacks are all built to resit or every backpack is guaranteed for 30 years. The American brand has in fact designed backpacks made to withstand life. The materials for the construction of the backpacks are all about quality. Also, you can learn How to Choose a Good Rucksack.

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Optional Maternity, All You Need to Know

The optional maternity or parental leave is an extension of the period of absence from work aimed to stay next to their child for a period longer than that immediately postpartum.

The parental leave (previously optional) rests with both parents until the age of the eighth year of age of the child for a period, between both spouses, not to exceed 10 months (elevating 11 months if the father receives at least 3 months leave). The Thedressexplorer maternity belongs to female employees who have an employment relationship. In case you want to use parental leave must be given official notice to the company or to the employer through the form of norm 15 days before the commencement of parental leave and its duration. Continue reading Optional Maternity, All You Need to Know

How to Buy Thermal Underwear

Today, the cold season does not have to put on a lot of sweaters and thick tights. An excellent option in this case would buy thermal underwear. Which in turn warms the well, moreover, it is very thin, flat seams, allowing you to carry it in blouses, sweaters, jeans. These clothes will be needed for those who love sport and active life, even in winter.

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How to Make a Japanese Obi Belt

The crisis feels undeniable. But you would have a lot of desire to show off something new: an accessory, a dress … What then, you know, is also good for your mood! This article will teach you to sew a BELT OBI, the belt from Japanese Kimono!

Some people think that sewing is something to shriveled old ladies who live in the mountains. And there are those who immagin Coco Chanel closed in his laboratory to design garments that have made ​​history. As always, it is the middle way to win: concentrate on tailoring DIY is a great way not only to test their creativity but also to vent their passion for clothes. Ah, last but not least: you save lots of money!

I started to sew 4 years ago, more or less by chance. In college and I worked part time: I did not have much money but I would have liked to show off some new clothes more often.

One day in a supermarket I saw a sewing machine very economical (there are models “for domestic use” even at € 75/100) and decided that would be my birthday present. And, from there, love. Taaaanto love!

Anyway, today I have decided to present a simple project but effective: that of ‘ OBI BELT .
The Obi is traditionally used to close the Kimono with the dual function of belt and squeeze life: a versatile accessory that comes in handy at all (those who feel satisfied with their waist raise your hand)! There are several models and realize the most simple is really within reach of anyone.

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Curvy Swimwear, Fiorella Rubino 2016

Are you looking for the most beautiful curvy costumes from to pack before and was persuaded to holiday? Then you can not miss the new xxl swimsuits collection by Fiorella Rubino, a modern line that wraps the silhouette disguising the critical points and softening your curves!

For a few years things have changed: the more you lower the standard of the typical size of a model, most everything that goes beyond a size 40/42 tents, sometimes even so its not exactly, to be categorized as curvy. On the other hand, however, in the years they were born many brands that they know how to dress with style and elegance a woman who wears a size comfortable, shapely silhouette, femininity, with abundant breasts and a body “buttery”. Fiorella Rubino is among the brands that best manages to interpret the needs of these curvy women, proud of their femininity, and this year also gives us a collection of costumes , all modern trends but mostly soft that highlight the curves disguising the critical points. Thus we discover together the new collection of costumes by Fiorella Rubino for 2016! Continue reading Curvy Swimwear, Fiorella Rubino 2016

Swimwear Collection by Cecilia and Belen Rodriguez

Me Fui 2016, the first swimwear collection of Belen Rodriguez in collaboration with her sister Cecilia. It’s an incredibly sexy and seductive line.

To Me Fui is the swimwear collection launched by sisters Rodriguez, a line pointing to the bold side that has always characterized the style of Belen, in collaboration with her sister Cecilia, this time instead of paying just your face for a campaign of swimwear, decided to come forward with her own collection which points no doubt on bikini. Me Fui is the first collection launched by two Brazilian sisters. Continue reading Swimwear Collection by Cecilia and Belen Rodriguez

Parah Swimwear, 2015 Summer Collection 

Parah swimwear, one of the most popular brand for fashionable beachwear presents us with the most beautiful models of the new line that opens the summer 2015. Between classic and bikini swimsuits there is an embarrassment of choice, and do not go unnoticed even detailed workmanship. A line waiting to be discovered.

Ready for swimsuit season? Not yet? Then while you undertake with diet and exercise, we would like to take this opportunity to present the new collection of costumes Parah for summer 2015.There are so many lines, and all designed to suit the needs of a woman in your face even at sea. From the classic solid line, characterized by monochrome bikinis and swimsuits, prints more cool summer, there is an embarrassment of choice. And of course not forgetting the importance of details, which for Parah are what then really made the difference. Thus we discover together the most beautiful models of the new collection of costumes Parah 2015. Continue reading Parah Swimwear, 2015 Summer Collection 

Rhinestone Makeup Ideas

The cosmetics brand are always looking for something new to be launched on the market to amaze us beauty addicted; often the tricks devised by the high-end makeup homes become real objects of desire, some may be purchased with some “sacrifice”, others are destined to remain in dreams and wishlist. Here are 6 tips jewel among the most famous …

1) Nail polish with Essie platinum powder

The well-known brand, specializing in nail products, has created a glaze containing powdered platinum, the packaging of the product is made ​​with the same material. Definitely a collector’s item to be put on display on the vanity table and use it sparingly. The price is $ 55,000.00, about 55,000 euro.

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