Dangerous Toys to Avoid

The baby cries because she wants the toy, screams so fast, I don’t know what to do, people look at you and wondering what happened, he pulls you, screaming and you, exhausted … enters the store and buy the toy.

How many times have you happened upon such a scene? Many, too many, and as you also to thousands of other moms, only that, be careful what you do.

Often, in order not to spend too much on buying the toy that your kid, with the power of whim, wring, it folds up toys “Tarot” similar to the real ones but absolutely dangerous. Son the killer toys: stuffed animals such as that come off the eyes and, after a while, it being loosened and they escape the padding. Toys that after a week are junk but they did risk your child’s life. A plush’s eye could be swallowed by your child and let it suffocate but, the eye comes off only from those that are not controlled by tarot toys before leaving the factory. Also the famous CE mark which should attest to meeting regulatory requirements, it is no longer a guarantee because it is very often a self, or even indicates China Export.
Here are some tips on buying from this official homepage:

  1. Compare toys in stores of trust
  2. Check for the presence of the CE mark and the signs on the importer or the manufacturer
  3. The toy must have the instructions for its use in Italian with clear guidance on the recommended age.
  4. Beware that seams and padding are solid and that parts like gears are not accessible
  5. Avoid toys with sharp edges or points and those fed with electrical outlet and not on battery power.

Plexiglass Chandelier Lighting Buying Guide

Those who have the need or desire to give to their apartment lighting alternative can point with maximum safety on plexiglass chandeliers. Ideal both for living and for the children’s room, but also for the bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen, the bathroom and the entrance, this type of chandelier is appreciated for its exceptional versatility, which results in a practically infinite range of designs, shapes and sizes. Be inspired by official blog!

Plexiglas chandeliers: many solutions for a modern design

Opt for lamps and chandeliers hanging plexiglass means making a choice aimed at the design, which places the focus appearance. A choice that will no doubt be appreciated and it will prove of great value even with the passage of time. One of the most important merits of plexiglass chandeliers, in fact, is to be identified in the strength and robustness of the material they are made of: a solid material and virtually impossible to destroy, which – therefore – also in case of falls is likely to remain untouched and not to be damaged. It should not be afraid, then, to break the plexiglass chandeliers, maybe while you clean them or sprinkle them, because their only potential weakness (risk of scratches) now in most cases the application is canceled of specific coatings which have a protective purpose.

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LED Interior Lighting and Exterior

LED lighting has over other forms of lighting many advantages. The LED light will be environmentally friendly, you will have a guaranteed lower costs for lighting, avoid UV rays, not buzz or blink and the greatest advantage is their durability.

Lighting comfort

Indispensable in all interiors and home of light. Tranquility. You might think that it’s not true that it can not perceive, but the opposite is true. Your eyes react to ambient light and badly chosen light can be very damaging. To do that you indoors induce the best, most optimal and comfortable light, you need just LED lights. LED lights do not emit unpleasant and aggressive light and your eyes will be satisfied. You will see how easily and readily to this type of light quickly get used to.

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What Should You Look for When Buying Sunglasses

Launches campaign “Safe Summer” (http://www.sunglasseswill.com/archives/best-sunglasses-for-summer-travel-1099/), which will monitor the quality of sunglasses, inflatable attributes and do the full range of consumer goods that we use during the summer season.
From now until the end of the tourist season State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) will monitor how safe are the products we buy.

The Secretary General of the Agency Valentin Chilikov advise on the most important things consumers should know. First in the glasses should be monitored if they have t. Pomegranate. Mark C, which indicates the level of protection and instructions for use in Bulgarian. Users must comply with this how clean his glasses because incorrect removal of traces of lenses can cause damage to the filter, and hence the vision.

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Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Special occasion dresses for plus sizes? No problem, just respect the proportions and choose a cut that enhances the silhouette. For inspiration, look at the clothes in hoticle.

Who says find plus size formal wear is a problem? However, when we receive a participation tend to get into the balloon. Let’s go to a wedding is nice but how much hassle from charge, starting precisely from the drama of “I have nothing to wear”. And things get complicated if we recently put on a few extra pounds and all there is in the cloakroom there is fine. Continue reading Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Swimwear Parah

The 2015 summer collection of swimwear Parah is preparing to conquer their own all the fashionistas with its bold forms, the ultra modern details and the rich variety of intense colors. The brand specializes precisely in the field of beachwear is ready to launch very interesting trends for the new season, moving between the printed patterns and applications that make every model.

Collections such as swimwear H & M for the summer 2015 have consecrated the multicolor fantasies as a must-have for the warm months, for this also Parah not resist and has a line dominated by bikinis and swimsuits in pastel shades and sorbet among the most cool of the moment.

As you will see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, the bikinis are provided both in plain colors with printed pattern. The uni models combined have higher-end or bra with classic cups shaped and underwire that ensure greater support. Coordinated with slip band, with adjustable straps or ClothesBliss, they are provided in colors such as light green, red, pink, more intense magenta, blue, orange and cobalt blue.


To models with smooth band alternate those with jewel applications, rhinestones and microinserts tint of color or contrast that add a more sophisticated touch to each item.

In addition to the pastel bikini, the brand offers models in evergreen colors like black, taupe and beige, the latter adapted to lycra models even with suede effect.

But as I looked forward to, the heart of the Parah proposal are the costumes with colorful print, which must have recently found space even in the collection of Miss Bikini for summer 2015. Parah has designed bikini with tropical fantasy of neutral base or pastel patterns with more bon ton floral pattern in powder pink shades and variations from abstract drawings and fluorescent accents more determined.

Great success in the Parah catalog for swimsuits: the brand has thought patterns from the most classic and opaque form in colors like cobalt blue, white and black, but has focused mainly on versions with inserts along the cups, cut out patterns -out with more daring neckline and colored versions which include the bikinis fantasies. To complete the proposal, the brand has added kaftans, mini dresses and cover-ups dresses in lightweight fabrics and airy.

Cheap Short Prom Dresses

Not much money is needed to be able to dress well, fashionable, elegant. It makes simply lack imagination when choosing the right dresses.

It all depends on the store and the place in which it is. Sweetness and distinction are the pillars on which is based a completely chic and very feminine look with well short dresses.

When we talk about party dresses, long dresses, we imagine sometimes even up to tail; but not everyone is always looking for this type of dresses. Many women find a prom dress are decided by one short.

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Shorts Dresses for Communion Holiday

There are many factors that determine how you go dress or dressed to a first communion: climate, kinship, the place of celebration. In the case of women, it is better that don’t get too elaborate hairstyles.

Instead, it is much better to carry loose hair. Diadems of roses and hand bag, also called limosnera, are two of the most important supplements.

To go to a communion dress should be easy, since these are held during the day. Dress should be arranged and fresh, you can also take a trajecito with skirt or pants with a cute shirt, and pastel colors are the most appropriate, rather than a dark or black color.

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Top HiFi On-ear Headphones (less than €150)

For those who have budget tighter we decided to include this comparison. It’s the Koss SP330 about 130 euros. Occasionally sneaks a gem and we surprised the team, Koss SP330 is one of these. I tried these headphone hifi almost by chance and am happy to have done so, because for those people who have a budget of around 100 euros, these are ideal.

Best price found: €119
Koss SP330 is a pair really nice modern appearance, but is slim with a matte black body really discreet. In fact it seems manufactured in plastic, since the majority of the surface has a fine touch that gives a much better feeling than are built only plastic. As with the Pro4S and SP540, the SP330 has one ear muffs D-shaped, somewhat smaller. Appearance really do not pay close attention, I guess that she is why almost I test it by chance.

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Vintage Oscar Shoes

It just comes to an end one of the nights most anticipated, which alone collects millions of viewers among movie lovers, designers, celebrities, curious and fashion victim: the night of the Oscars. If the parade on the red carpet of stars and starlets holds the entire fashion victim population in suspense until the last moment waiting to find out who will wear it and dream of one day to dress the same fabric clouds, it often distracts from others must have much more accessible than a dress haute couture: the vintage shoes!

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