How to Style Ballerina Shoes

Ballerinas for bridgat

Ballerinas are flat women’s shoes with usually rounded tip. The shoes due to their similarity to the Pointe Shoes got their name of ballet dancers. The first ballerinas are already at the end of the 19th century. Salvatore Capezio is awarded with an award for their invention. The shoes by designer Claire McCardell, which picks up in 1941 for the first time some models in their collection make the leap into fashion.

Ballerinas are characterised by especially the comfortable fit and the high wearing comfort. The simple and comfortable interface allows space the feet and walking long distances enables flat sales. The feminine shoes make world famous in the sixties style icons such as Brigit Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. Continue reading How to Style Ballerina Shoes

Garden Furniture from Wooden Pallets

Practical garden furniture make the garden to the favourite

If you have a garden, is pleased with the first ray of sunshine on the outdoor life. A green spot behind the House offers many opportunities, especially for relaxation. Here you can garden, play football with the kids, or with a good book, the Sun seem to your hearts content.

In the category garden furniture, you will find a comprehensive range of practical or decorative items for balcony, terrace and garden at bridgat. This includes mainly furniture such as chairs and tables, but also furniture covers and decorative elements such as lights and lamps.

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Children’s High Waisted Jeans

Kids jeans online in great colors, nice details

Jeans were once the symbol for rebellion. Meanwhile, the “blue” belong to the absolute basics for young and old. The reasons are obvious. The denim made from cotton is very pleasant to wear. The solid structure is a particularly robust and hard-wearing character jeans. Also, is the material easy to handle and allows the decoration with a set of darts, Pocket essays, applications, and much more. The kids jeans in the online shop of bridgat are available in a diverse range. In addition to the typical Indigo kids jeans online also in white, green, brown black and available in many washings, but also in patterned variations are.

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Junior Athletic Pants

Casual, trendy and comfortable: pants for boys in the online shop

Pants are among the pieces of clothing for each day. At bridgat, you will discover a wide range of models for sports, leisure and everyday life in the kindergarten or school. The offer it attaches particular importance to an attractive design for good mood and high wearing comfort. Continue reading Junior Athletic Pants

Children’s Underwear Brands

Underwear for children – easy to clean and so easy

As soon as girls and boys are from the diaper age out, are replaced the one-piece body underwear for children. The primary criterion for the children’s underwear from bridgat is the comfort, because tweaks and tweaks it under the outfit, no child feels at home. Discover our comfortable and appealing selection of clothes for children and order shirts and panties in the competitive Pack. Continue reading Children’s Underwear Brands

Stylish Shoes For Men

Modern men’s shoes for the trend-conscious man

Bridgat customer order stylish shoes at attrakiven prices, that modern look and fit well. Our attractive range includes men’s shoes for different occasion. Whether you are looking for a few elegant leather lace-up shoes for the Office or casual sneaker for leisure: Here you will find the right thing. Continue reading Stylish Shoes For Men

Flower Girl Dresses for Less Reviews

Flower girl dresses – for little fashionistas

Girl dresses for small princesses make thanks to the wide range of colours, patterns and playful designs have fun. In our assortment you find a wide selection of sweet girl dresses for different occasions. Continue reading Flower Girl Dresses for Less Reviews

Newborn Boy Outfits for Pictures

Bodys and rompers for newborn babies and coverlet – infant

Join children mostly from the first hours of her life up to the first years of age – the sleepers, today mostly called the rompers. The one-piece baby suits came in the 1950s to Europe and belong today to each baby basic equipment.

The romper – a real all-rounder for the first months of life Continue reading Newborn Boy Outfits for Pictures

Best Feeling Most Comfortable Pantyhose

Women’s stockings – elegant, feminine and practical

Include women’s stockings have always been the most important accessories in the wardrobe of a woman. In antiquity, it was estimated the warming properties of the stockings, but only in a home setting. Today, self-confident ladies wear less at home her women’s stockings. Continue reading Best Feeling Most Comfortable Pantyhose

How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew

Outdoor rugs of bridgat for an attractive outdoor area

In the bridgat online-shop a large selection of stylish carpets and other tasteful home furnishings is now for your home – and that at wonderfully low prices. An absolute trend that stretches over several seasons away, outdoor are carpets. Continue reading How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew

Female Sports Socks

Sport socks of bridgat – trendy designs for active fashionistas

Sport socks belong as well to a full sports outfit, as well as also a sports bra. Conventional socks are, however, less physical activity. The sport socks from the online-shop of bridgat convince not only with a cool design, but also with important functional properties. Continue reading Female Sports Socks

Printed Cotton Sheet Sets Queen

Jersey bedding – comfortable, good, cheap

Jersey is used since time immemorial by the textile industry, to create cosiness and comfort. Jersey usually consists of a sturdy cotton and is manufactured in a special knit or work procedures. It is a textile surface that combines comfort and functionality, and this creates a simple and sporty look. Jersey bedding is very popular, because the fine bedding are supple, reliably absorb moisture and are breathable there. The temperature can equalize Jersey something through the fine mesh. Excessive sweating or freezing comes in Jersey bedding therefore rarely above. Continue reading Printed Cotton Sheet Sets Queen