Crafts with Rubber Bands

Do chores with the elastics is a fad that has taken hold in recent times. Mostly, this activity suitable for children and not only, has grown thanks to modern invention of Rainbow Loom, a tool of last generation that allows to braiding elastics, in an original way. In addition to this particular technique, the rubber bands are used to make many other jobs are very cute. Here are a few ideas to copy.

Jobs with eleastici and Rainbow Loom

  1. Elastic bracelet
    You can insert wooden beads in strands of elastic and voila: you have a nice bracelet and elastic.
  2. DIY wreath
    Just create a small wreath with the card and close it with a stapler.You can color it with pleasure and apply an elastic string to hold it steady.

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Fashion Earrings 2016: all the Trends for this Spring-summer

Great, very great, big! Here are all the earrings must for an effect look: from fine jewelry to jewelry models.

Large, very large, huge. Earrings for spring-summer 2016 must not only stand out, but to be protagonists of the look. To determine this – it goes without saying-the parades last autumn, with the most important fashion houses have competed to send the catwalk oversized jewels, in a kaleidoscope of styles, shapes, materials and colors.

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Guinness Longest Wedding Dress Train

There is no end to the imagination and we want to propose today by Guinness wedding dresses over the years have become part of the Guinness World Record. Expensive clothes, Vast, heavy and made ​​with really unthinkable materials. Last in order of appearance was the dress with the longest train in the world, as much as 4 kilometers! Obviously it’s quirks made ​​especially to attract the curiosity and publicity. For your wedding, we will instead recommend you stay on the classic, avoiding weirdness and originality of which you might regret it! Continue reading Guinness Longest Wedding Dress Train

Summer Sandals with Arch Support

The perfect summer shoe – airy Sandals

As soon as the temperature on the thermometer slightly upward climb, it’s time to go to the pedicure and get the sandal of the Shoe cabinet. Sandals are the most beautiful what has to offer the footwear fashion. They are light, airy and combine great to the wide range of summer outfits. Continue reading Summer Sandals with Arch Support

How to Wear a Plus Size Sweater

Sweaters for large sizes are available in many colors and exciting designs

The fashionable sweaters are ideal for casual Freizeitoutifts and can be perfectly combined. Especially the XXL sweatshirts enjoy great popularity. Women can also find numerous pullover in large sizes, which boast an elegant style and elaborate details. With such a model, you are very well dressed a chic evening event or a great party. Continue reading How to Wear a Plus Size Sweater

Window Stickers Design Your Own

It is always more attractive if it can change the usual appearance of your windows. And custom window stickers can be handy in this case as it is the best way to transform the old traditional look in contemporary imaginary one. You can use them to provide your windows an elegant style during special occasions. The concept of window stickers is becoming popular with the introduction of the vinyl production process. Earlier than that people used it as a tool for graphic decoration for your car windows! But based vinyl stickers, it makes it easy for everyone to use the same custom window stickers of their household windows too. This in turn give a new interior design concept.

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Fashion Jewelry: Interview with Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia

Brass dipped in gold, plexiglass and swarosvski: the colorful collection of jewelry designed by Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia, Italian talent that we interviewed for you.

May brass dipped in gold-pink or green-plexiglass colorful and baguette Swarovski to create a cosmogony? Yes, and they do it in the spring-summer collection 2015 Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia.

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Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses Say Yes to the Dress

A program that women love to go crazy is undoubtedly “Say Yes to the Dress” where the boutiques of clothes to the world’s largest wedding, Kleinfeld Bridal, opens the doors to the curious. In each episode about three brides are struggling with the search for their perfect dress, helped by very respectable and committed by a stylist exceptional that every woman dreams of having at his side, Randy Phenols. The “Say yes to the dress program”, which has the title “Say Yes to the Dress” in Italian, is held in boutique Kleinfeld, based in New York, a mecca for those who dream of a wedding to remember. Continue reading Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses Say Yes to the Dress

Vest Tops for Teenagers

Young tops – versatile all-rounder for every day

Boys fashion offers cheeky favorite pieces of bridgat for little adventurers who all would feel comfortable in their clothes. Young tops find bridgat our now in a wide range of beautiful designs and cheerful colours in the range of online shops. Continue reading Vest Tops for Teenagers

Wash and Wear Underwear

Order lingerie without ironing in larger sizes at bridgat at low prices

The woman is blessed with great feminine curves and she should also emphasize. This guaranteed succeed with the beautiful lingerie without ironing in larger sizes from bridgat. Delicate fabrics and soft seams flatter your skin and give you all the day long a cosy feeling. With a large bust, the support and the support of the breast play to relieve a major role around the neck and the back as well. Because a support bracket in the cups is dispensed with in the bügellosen lingerie for plus size, this lingerie have different characteristics to ensure the same support, such as lingerie Underwire. This is ensured by extra wide, lightly padded carrier and a wide lower breast gum. So the breast is optimally shaped and supported by the lingerie without ironing in larger sizes. There is this lingerie as a Minimizer bra without ironing in larger sizes and in the T-Shirt bra without wires in large sizes. Continue reading Wash and Wear Underwear

Easter Paper Crafts for Kids

Cute paper crafts for kids inspired by the themes of Passover to be created with the kids! We see how to make a mosaic and a basket full of eggs using only paper and imagination!

A few days and it will be Easter! To celebrate, there is nothing better than making beautiful crafts with your children, they can also decorate your home! Donnaclick offers some ideas to realize for the Festival coming soon! Protagonist: the paper! Continue reading Easter Paper Crafts for Kids

Sports Bra Review

Determine the cup and contour is easy, they say.  “We must take measures under chest and on chest. The cup is the disproportion between chest and back. Standard are 15 centimeters apart, which is the cup B. All things to move are the other cups: 20 centimeters, cup C, 25 D cup … “

Is the standard? What does the standard? If the cup B is the standard, which we did not use rare or what? To say that the cup B is the standard is like saying that size 36 is the standard. Come on, that’s nonsense like the top of a pine tree. Leaving this aside, I should wear a C cup, since I have 20 cm of “disproportionate” as they say between low and chest on chest. Usually they tell me that I have to carry the D; tables often say that 20 cm is D, but now tell me is C. Could manufacturers once and for all agree? It would be great to trust what I say. Sorry, but neither C nor D are my cup. No I use a 95C or 95D as they want me to believe. With that size I would go back, the ring would be above the breast tissue, I would chest below and all those things that article have said that should not happen.

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Wedding Dresses for the Bridesmaids

That of the bridesmaids adult is a relatively new role for us: it must in fact an Anglo-Saxon tradition that wants the Bridesmaids accompany the altar.Obviously the bridesmaids have a specific dress code, different from that of witnesses who are another matter. It makes a bit ‘of confusion about this role, and very often we have the bridesmaids, despite America is not the case, coincide with the witnesses, let us see how you should dress up and lead the bridesmaids at a wedding. Continue reading Wedding Dresses for the Bridesmaids

Flat Black Riding Style Boots

Flat boots: trends for all tastes and all seasons

Flat boots have a year-round season. Ankle-high versions with wide shaft fit very well in the spring and summer skirts and shorts. In the autumn Overknees and classic boots are the preferred use. Tough boots and insulated boots with coarse profile are very popular in the winter. In the wide range of bridgat online stores find fitting flat boots for every season and many events – look around in peace and quiet!

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Crafts for Kids to Make During the Summer Holidays

A roundup of chores for kids who are going on vacation is really the ideal place to spend the summer in a constructive manner. During a particularly gloomy day or upon returning to the beach, you can spend time with your kids, creating these creative works of art. And there is something for all ages.

Even if you are at the seaside, in the countryside or in a Family Hotel, it is good practice to find time to make crafts with your kids! This, in fact, stimulates creativity , imagination and some hidden talents …! Continue reading Crafts for Kids to Make During the Summer Holidays

Finding The Right Bra

“70% of women do not know buy a suitable bra”

Voucher. I agree with the owner. While reading the comments I see that people have felt very offended by it, because it seems that treat women as silly. I’m sorry if I offended, but it is true that most women can not buy the right bra, because you do not know the right size. Just look around to realize: bands up to the neck, muffins coming out over the tops, sagging breasts that do not have enough restraint … I see it every day. I also went through it. And if you get to talk to people, it is recorded that most do not know how it has to be the holder. So sorry, however you might feel offended anyone, I agree with the owner.

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