Large Amounts of Money Wasted on Dead Mobile Subscriptions

Municipalities and companies can save a lot of money by cancelling mobile subscriptions which lies unused in a drawer. Known problem, says expert.

The country’s municipalities and larger businesses can save significant amounts on the budget, by cancelling mobile phone subscriptions which is put in drawers and closets.

In Svendborg municipality can save about half a million dollars per year, about to terminate 700 out of the municipality’s about 2,700 mobile subscriptions.
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First Windows Phone 8 Update Is Underway

Microsoft is already working now on the first update to Windows Phone 8, there very well may soon be ready.

Microsoft’s latest bid on an operating system for smartphones, Windows Phone 8, was recently launched amidst much media attention.

However, since the system has gotten less hug for his missing, among other things, a notification center that Microsoft has promised, will come in a future update.

And just an update is what right now will be worked on to get completed for consumers, writes our site.

According to the website’s information update may be ready as early as the beginning of the first quarter of 2013, and contain a number of optimizations and improvements, among other things, on the VPN and Wi-Fi area.

The update will be called Apollo Plus.

Mobile Voice and Sms Subscriptions Might Soon Past

Shortly we see maybe mobile subscriptions without voice and sms, where conversation and alerts will be sent via our site.

Several places in Europe changes the big telcos their subscriptions, so that they no longer contain voice and sms.

Instead, users get clean data subscriptions, but can then download an application, where voice and sms, will be replaced by VoIP, as our site writes.

Both in Spain, Germany and France have large telecommunication companies introduced the new abonnemnter. Continue reading Mobile Voice and Sms Subscriptions Might Soon Past

The Communes Displayed Towards Electric Vehicles of Mobile Master

Discrimination: electric car stands must stand free on municipal land. Mobile masts on the other hand, must be paid large sums of money for. The Bill ends up with mobile customers.

What would you rather have? That there will be more electric car stands or more cell towers in the municipalities?

Electric car stands stands on municipal land which is being provided free of charge for electric automotive industry. Mobile masts are often also on municipal land or buildings, but the telecommunications companies must pay up to 75,000 dollars a year in tax to the municipality, in addition to a contract price of 120,000 crowns, as well as, of course, the establishment of the mobile mast writes Berlingske. Continue reading The Communes Displayed Towards Electric Vehicles of Mobile Master

YouBio Ready for the Start of the Beta-Version

Yousee is ready with YouBio to consumers as early as this week-but only in a beta-version.

At YouSee has been looking forward to compete with the world’s largest film and series-streaming service Netflix, and it is now ready for.

Thursday, September 29. November is the day when YouBio goes live, however with a slight reservations, the service is in beta at the starting gun. Continue reading YouBio Ready for the Start of the Beta-Version

Google Saves Christmas for Android Users

Previous error in the calendar of Android 4.2 corrected now with a software update from Google.

Earlier this month were released for a number of Nexus 4.2 Android devices on the market, it meant new features but also errors, some more serious than others.

One of them is the lack of December month in the calendar of contacts, this meant that you could not put a date on the contacts birthday who was born in December. Continue reading Google Saves Christmas for Android Users

So the Game Tested the Samsung Galaxy S (III)

Samsung tester like so many other producers of its units for errors and weaknesses – see here how the Galaxy S III tested.

When a consumer gets a new smartphone, you are extra careful to treat it properly, but as time goes by it becomes less important, and the phone is exposed to more and more harsh treatments.

But it has manufacturers such as Samsung foreseen, which means that they test their devices under the most extreme and the most common conditions.

Everything from a heavy pressure on the screen, several thousand press keys for use in rainy weather, all you can see in this video, where Samsung goes hard action against their top model Galaxy S III.

Telecommunications Company: Therefore We Offer Mobile Subscriptions without Voice and Sms

The French telecommunications company Orange sees mobile subscriptions without voice and sms as a future solution.

Earlier this week, our site wrote that, among other things, the French telecommunications company Orange, had introduced mobile subscriptions without voice and sms, but with an application to communicate via VoIP.

Immediately you would think that the company would be shooting itself in the foot, using indirect to compete with their own subscriptions with voice and sms, but the company believes it makes good sense. Continue reading Telecommunications Company: Therefore We Offer Mobile Subscriptions without Voice and Sms

Google Play Using Your Google + Profile

Google has begun to incorporate your Google + profile into your Google Play review-final with anonymity.

Most Google users have, without knowing it, a Google + profile.

It is linked with the Android user must have a Gmail account to use Google services on its Android device, and a Gmail account means that we also say ‘ yes ‘ to a Google + profile.

This profile will now be coupled together with the reviews you create when you as a user writes something about an application you downloaded through Google Play.

This means that you get his Google + image and name coupled up on it to write about an application in Google Play.

The changes do not take effect retroactively, but prospectively from the reviews is to write in the future.

Our site has already tested the interconnection, and initially it says simply “A Google user”, but we start seeing names cropping up in reviews, which can be clicked on and thus you will be drawn to the person’s Google + profile.

Microsoft Goes after Gmail Users

Microsoft has launched a new initiative that should go for Gmail users-download the our site app already today.

Are you current or past Android user, then you have also acquainted with Gmail, Google’s E-mail service.

These customers are Microsoft now out after with their service our site, which already has reached more than 25 million active users.

But the web-service is not enough for Microsoft, who now also has launched an Android application, so you can get your email on the go.

However, one should not expect great unique design, or exclusive functionality, application is not something to cheer for.

We have looked a little closer at the application and note that, it is far from being on a par with what you as a Gmail user is accustomed to.

You would like to try out the application can be downloaded for free here via Google Play.

iPhone 5 Regain Market Share in the US

Apple’s iPhone 5 regain significant market share in the domestic market USA.

Android has dominated virtually all markets worldwide in 2012, but after the launch of the iPhone 5 have changed. It establishes a new analysis according to our site.

Apple’s new top model is beginning to regain its market share, from among other Android.

According to the our site then takes the iPhone 5 market share from Android on the domestic United States.

Apple’s market share is in the last 12 weeks up to 31 December 2006. August gone forward to a whole 48.1 percent, against Androids 46.7 percent.

Android has gone back from previous 63.3 percent in that same market, finds the analysis.

Apple’s progress also happens on several European markets, though not with enough force to shake the Android domination, a domination that still stand on the world stage.

Samsung Galaxy S III 920 – It’s a Ommer

Jacob Smidt, our site Source: our site 28. November 2012 Kl. 14:00

Red and square Samsung Galaxy S III 920 – it’s a joke?

It may well be that Samsung has been accused and convicted of having copied Apple’s iPhone design, but actually to do it with Nokia Lumia 920?

It all may sound like a joke but at wallmart appears to believe it is quite likely, certainly if we are to believe their website.

On our site it is possible to buy a Samsung Galaxy S (III) 920 in red and with a Nokia Lumia 920 design.

There are, of course, in the case of an error, but nevertheless it happened to wallmart, in the description it is stated that the device is equipped with Galaxy S III specifications, but the picture shows a Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia.

Visit our site here and see what you get when you buy a Galaxy S (III) 920.

Android 4.1 Coming out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has now released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with new S Pen features for Galaxy Note 10.1 – see it in action here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 customers may well begin to look forward to a future update for their device.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is on his way to the first Galaxy Note 10.1 customers according to Swedish our site, as well as several Danish users.

With the update, which Samsung calls for a premium suite, there will be a number of new Pen-S features and not at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

What Android 4.1 among others brings with it to Galaxy Note 10.1 you can see much more of in the below video released by Samsung, and read more on their dedicated website.

Update for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be rolled out over time, therefore, do not expect your Samsung device can download the update right away.

Confirmed: Windows Phone 8 Updated in December

Microsoft has now confirmed that Windows Phone 8 updated in december due to reboot-bug in the software.

Several users have reported spontaneous restart in Windows Phone 8 which Microsoft has confirmed, but now tells you that they also have found the error.

In a message to our site tell Microsoft that the bug has been found and now will be corrected as soon as possible, probably already in December.

Thus, users can look forward to receiving the first Windows Phone 8 update before long, if it means that there can be multiple corrections or additions on the way in the same update, however, is still uncertain.

The error has, according to several customers hit Windows Phone 8 devices Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 x by HTC, however, it is unclear which devices will get the update first.

Our Site Has Great 3 G Problems in Jutland and on Funen

Customers with our site will start the day without access to 3 g data from smartphone and via mobile broadband.

Our site’s 3 g network teases the company and customers.

Update 16:00. 12.41: Some customers can get hole through by restarting the phone.

Update 16:00. 14.00: Our site says that network again running normally.

The company States that 3 g mobile in Jutland and on Funen is not functioning correctly, which affects data via smartphones and mobiles. The customers that use mobile broadband via dongles are also affected. Continue reading Our Site Has Great 3 G Problems in Jutland and on Funen

Free Games ‘Eater´ Data Traffic

In the various application stores are a number of free games for mobile, and they can be the fault of poor mobile coverage.

Earlier this year, telecom analyst John Strand of Strand Consult out, telling how the popular mobile game Angry Birds, could give poorer mobile coverage and put the whole network down. He gave the special free version to blame.

-“Free version of Angry Birds make as much signaling traffic that it is actually a big problem. Last year laid the signaling traffic our site mobile network down in Norway two times – the one time it was the net down for 13 hours. But also in Tokyo and Korea, have this type of traffic, put network down, “said John Strand, to the, back in the beginning of the year. Continue reading Free Games ‘Eater´ Data Traffic